Print the happiest time on your own photos

Print the happiest time on your own photos

Print the happiest time on your own photos

In these past years, there are always some toasted the time that each winter, canvas prints australia and I'm the warmest canvas, picture frames, there is a father with those childhood… There is so few years’ time, I fear to others doing the laundry. Washing clothes, because I was afraid to others will remember gave dad wash the clothes yourself. I fear the happiness the where to get photo canvas prints the little girl will because too many people to wash clothes and fuzzy in the memory.

Seven or eight years old at that time, my father work in a bleak look-out, canvas prints online at that time he only washed once a week that sticks full coal's clothes. Strange to say, at that time I was like that with coal for dad to wash the clothes. Is the first time my father asked me to help him wash getting photos printed on canvas, he said give me a dollar money after washing, I am very happy to have accepted this "work". First move dad's clothes to the pool, to move a big basin, and then took off his shoes and trousers rolled up, filled with water into the basin son, again put dad's clothes in the basin, and finally the whole people trample to the basin clothes, standing on standing on to my canvas prints jumped up, until the water in the basin became clean it out. When I was little, washed the clothes I can't move, then father will be to sink picked up me, help me to wear good shoes, and then go to cool clothes with me. Cool clothes, father will be "salary" give me a dollar.

The next day, on Saturday to see dad for the whole body with coal print my photo on canvas clothes, no matter how many friend waiting for me to play, I will make father first go wash clothes, but dad never forgot to give me a dollar – my dad gave me the money, I didn't spend, I all to the mother. And once, when dad washes the clothes, found him twenty dollars in his pocket, after washing the clothes I give 20 dollars back to dad. Father said, "Dad you help father charge, the first weekend Dad take you to buy clothes." That night, I came back from the neighbor kids home, hear the father and his mother said, "my daughter is really good, help me to wash clothes today obey the bag to wash out 20 dollars, all gave them to me." Mother said: "last year, her brother picked up ten dollars on the side of the road you have to be on the roadside waiting for others to come to somebody else, also said that's not our money we can not to, her memory is?" At this moment, I saw dad happy canvas photo printing services. Wash the wash, when he was in when I was nine years old at the beginning of April 6, my father suddenly left us forever. I think the whole day play down at that time, mother also cried several times to faint, but dad didn't wake up. From then on I began to hate the black dark bleak look-out, I hate it took my frame prints dad. Now, in a number of the dead of night, I will gently shouted dad, the father figure over and over in my mind playback. The fear one day, the familiar with canvas "father" printing sizes call will become strange, I'm afraid I will forget the appearance of the father…

Slowly back to have a dad that nine years of time, is my most happy time. At that time, the father in my heart is everything: he can make money for my reading, bought me new clothes, buy toys; Can personally do various gale print the toy; Can keep a pack of goose to accompany me to play; Could you give me Fried very sweet very sweet bacon, potatoes; At dark, can from house to house to find, I since the childhood partners home and then to "ride the horse" home; And the most profound memory, is a father outside drink drunk, also can firmly photos to canvas, behind my back, brother, and then the safety of home… Dad gave me, I can't understand with the language, and I have done for him, only wash the clothes. And how many times, but I thank the ever for dad to wash the clothes yourself. Although small, those warm personalized canvas days not only let me recall a lifetime, also can comfort a daughter want to her dad filial heart? Time is fleeting people easy old, always so little, and we can do for our parents and is likely to be a little late always lost opportunities, then we'll regret it didn't help either. While parents living time, to do filial piety, even a little chat with them, photo canvas prints give them to do a meal, for them, happiness is also printed canvas.

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