At that time,the month,the year

At that time,the month,the year
that still recall that when autumn Lucky’s beginning to see? It will be recalled that the breakdown also Snow Flying fantastical of trailing edge? Still recall that when one day the earnest hope that!


The world cannot be separated from the edge of the life of the field. The leading edge of the said to, life difficult times of the genetic small wells downtown areas and the one-sided edge. The leading edge of the form is also derived from the bustling world, a spectacle of millions. As the saying goes, seeing, with the millennium funato repair. A total of restraint. Several WTO round to her life’s a warranty.

Are people in the road of separation, Hei edge of miles to see each other. And you encounter, as I had a string that night, the last day of the sentiments of the yearning of Bosnia. It was the end of the fall in one day, at the beginning of the winter of a met. Appointment was not without a public outcry, you quietly also predestined, came to me in general.


Sitting alone on the afternoon time, the super thin dark cloud, heralding a will have the first snow. Gray expanse of sky, Tian Yu-light mist covered, ethereal faintly coming at twilight, we are beginning to heart. Although the innate love of childhood laughed at the sunny, but their hearts are hidden and sentimentalism. Also love this twilight of the beauty in the hearts of the demonstration by the raised, I do not know whether the aspirations of the melancholy, or obscure.


The tranquillity of the house, I am unable to switch on the TV, leaning in the sofas out of the window with a taste of its own unique passions. After boring that arose to front of the computer and to play your favorite games ‘cool’ dance. Although it is the middle-aged, the young at heart is still playing to rise to sleep at night and reminiscent of general. The ecstasy of a loud cough interrupted my Yahoo Hing, message. Lightly tap on, just like that, you go into my eyes.


I have so far failed to understand your old phone, how could seek to me? I also told you can only use the first sentence of the earth explained that each of the reunion is an accident, there is the inevitable that it. We are a few of the world outside to meet in this manner? Does the chaotic reasoning. Imagine that in networks in just a few years, and there are tired of the chat and seldom plus online friends, only in the space and enjoy fine chapter in the free, or at the time of leisure and play a game, I do not think you, my life to add a dark color ink.



I would like to add that one row has no intention of the abruptness minimum, ‘you will write poetry?? I have touched the hearts of the. Buddy Request for almost all of the words in the second hello is blank, your unique with a rich multimedia, ink you will be a peace-loving, I also loved to text, text will not write out an alarming works, but also in between words and savor the scent of ink that so you yiran I have the same peace-loving, the individual Friend! Who would have thought that had descried in this weather has served to an obscure you!


Perhaps you would in a source write poetry?’, you have a little impression, which is derived from the information you just a little boy, I was amazed to let, so you to speak, I have not refused to talk, the first speak with you, I would like to tell you that there is a gap between the age we like to chat go find peers, and I know that you are has just stepped into a network, may not know what people, given you a good faith. But I did not say that it was surprising, let me from your self-introduction, know that we are the same age group as also to greater than I a little bit. You said your information is not the words you and you are unknown to these areas, let me by surprise and the tone you and the Honorable IP Kwok-him, began to talk like seeing an old friend, general surprise me, as I daresay you are talented, poetry lush greenery! Always in front of me flashing your bright spots in the Poetry of NOS, also write good Chinese calligraphy, let me admiration of envy. So I take care of you, to your attention one day is better than a day.

I see you are buried in the soil in the glittering Golden, I deplore the you are bright pearl. Lest you a careless, encountered the ill person in the network, which contaminated the block you Mei-yu, we still do not know about you, fall into the abyss. You cocooned, put the pros and cons of the network, elaborate with you, you are also not understand things always ask me to understand when a mentor.


You have said that my warm-hearted, you I have only wiser the euphoria, there had never been in my heart. I also frequently, you are not snigger children, how do I like is the protection of the chicken like a mother hen, fearing that you put road awry! Once the proliferation of woman, thinking is also simple! You, the good and the bad, and when a few relevant to me!

Our chat becoming more frequent and soon we can speak. The DPRK and the DPRK and the escort of words, the cherished by the wind, then the month, then the Day were included in this our lines, as well as network floating ice edge, shadow discouraged them. Heart I say you are the most important to me to say friend, you only and i chat, we promised to talking about, 60-year-old treasure forever. In your cultural richness evident, I also wrote the fine

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