Put Brilliant photos onto canvas

Put Brilliant photos onto canvas


A celebrity once said: “life lies in the impossible from brilliant wall art prints.” If had been living in his shop lies, using one hundred lies to round a lie, so alive, even if his face on the flowers, but deep down brilliant flowers can never survive. With an honest heart to treat everything in the life, the life will be better?


In an English class, English teacher say a small case for us. The American people believe that people, so Chinese students like answers using a pencil in the exam. When I heard that I doubt. Hair down then the teacher added, wait until the test, the professor told the answer, and Chinese students will wipe to go to the wrong answer on the right, and showed the paper to professor, said professor correction. After hearing the little case I feel deep. First of all, the Americans very believe that man? Whether because Americans are very honest, there is no need to identify the authenticity of those words. Secondly, why do Chinese students and the United States is not the same? Why can’t honest answer? Is it concerned with the failure of Chinese education, make a personality the good child into a child learn to lie. Finally, in the international students’ mind really happy? To discredit to a degree, and can’t set a good mark in the alien land, diligent service learning?


Franklin once said: “honesty and diligence should be your eternal mates.” Should be diligent in our studies should be honest in their life. Why China have so many cases without honesty? Because in the realistic society, it is so realistic which cause problems. If we study hard, you won’t fear for examination, at the same time also won’t appear the disturbance that cheating in the exam.


With sincerity of heart to face everything, get there will be a lot of different, to be honest with, will have the splendid life art prints. Hard work to learn will be the heart of joy. Honesty is very important in life. The flowers will open, and a lie will wither a disc, in order to more brilliant flowers, it needs nutrients, making it more brilliant, more beautiful. Efforts to study will be a food, to be honest with everything, will be water, get is a bright flowers. Because life lies in the impossible from brilliant wall art ‘.


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