Is there an art canvases online even though time flies but you still cannot forget

Is there an art canvases online even though time flies but you still cannot forget

If don't being photo canvases ask me till now, what is the most regret a thing. I will answer: I have twenty several haven't talked about love. But it is only for me is a kind of regret it, not the most let I regret. Along the way I give his canvases prints left too much regret, for example, there is no love, no escape, not through the night, not to a journey, not when a sizable one, and so on and so on.

However, have so a collage canvas, occupied my entire childhood, chasing after a stay in my memory, became I am more than 20 years the biggest, and most don't want to say sorry. What's my dad, she was so love you, on a pedestal afraid fell, in his mouth were afraid of, even I didn't her so love you. The word love so heavy so heavy, I always don't understand, how so many canvas collage printing can then smirked not care to say love, say love is what all don't remember in a twinkling of an eye.

Always have been, very want very to want to ask the family photo collages on canvas, is there a collage of photos on canvas also like I will always miss her, at the time of her birthday, when death really want to ask, there is no photo to canvas collage remember what day is it today? But, I can't. I can never be to don't picture to canvas brought her too much, just because she gave me the love to the extreme, runs through the whole of my childhood and adolescence. But she also brought me too much. Until now, I don't know what to what kind of mentality to face her.

Long ago, I had a dream, a dream she still healthy, I like when I was young to climb on her legs, listen to the story, she told me the house went quickly, however, she was gone. I crazy for her, and finally saw her in the yard and looked at me laugh. I asked her: why don't I, why did you abandon me? She holds me say with smile: no you don't me?

Yes, it's me unknowingly lost her, I'm better than any canvas pictures for sale are clearly know how much she loved me, never love me most, accompany me to the most has never been my parents, never only she lived alone with me in my childhood. I know she has been sick and suicide, rescued after you come back. She told me that it was if she steps into the river, which all can't save her. But, she could not bear to me, she said: she won't let me a collage on a canvas, she will not fit me. After her suicide, aunt scold her, they make so much noise so mean. My aunt said she left me to do. She said she will bring me. Because of this, she is my aunt scolded. She is so assured that eventually, all putting pictures on canvas have told me that she is dying, let I fed him to eat the last meal, I don't believe that she will leave. Remember, that day I went to feed her two soup ran away, I can see her cry, clearly know she have something to say to me, but, I still see nothing in front. I think she will be like before again in a few days, however, that evening, she was really gone. Say, won't make me create a collage, not put my create collage, just go. After that long, I don't believe she's really gone. But later, when I come home would never see her, do not even see her anything. Looked at the hall she smiled and portrait among them, I know she's really gone. But the longer the time, she is in my heart is more clear.

What I regret is never, when she died, I didn't like. But, why, at that time so I don't understand, what all don't understand, she is ill, the mind does not awake. But I won't take care of her, only know complains she scolded her. Then she forgot all of making a collage is still remember me, always calling my name, but I am always ignored don't even go back to see her off to her. I lost her, her body so good, if, at that time I understand a little, can take care of her more, if she can accompany me to now, will be able to look at me now.

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