Canvas on wall shows my love to you

Canvas on wall shows my love to you

Cloud tidal surge, waves, smashed out strong siege in the heart, heart, desolate, accident of a prehistoric let the hollow heart, caught off guard, the touch into a wound.

And once in the early spring season, and a quarter years of hope, but almost is too cool thin, looked again and again, my photo canvas to seek a tinge of spring flavor, branches still stiff and Bacillus subtilis still merciless, for a time, photo art gallery chaotic discretion.

The countdown from three digits into two digits, then a digit deficit white, printed out in the eyes, but hurt my heart. Want to look away, but for a long time. Photograph on canvas at the university is not the destination, photo prints UK has a dream, more urgent than the University, get a photo printed on for more canvas vision. But after all, life is merciless, if not photo canvas painting family photo canvas love, not reluctantly, printing photos on canvas at home must also be at all costs, make every effort to pursue their own love of things, do not wish to do.

Put down the youth stubborn, just know, this kind of unwillingness is actually a kind of love, a return. In such a way as to return all the silence to pay them. How many times they think of eye wrinkles, hair after the hair, tears wet skirts; how many times have their eyes eager eyes and how many torn with grief; time to see the balance of the bank card out on the sad endless. Parents, is the world's most stupid people, and the children are the most ruthless. In order to children happy and healthy, God let them at the expense of youth, with life as a bargaining chip for, even if such varying conditions, they will choose to pay all photo wrapped canvas, and you will accept.

The breakdown of this tiny particle life inadvertently knocked off dust accumulation in the eyes of tears, back, back tears in my heart. Is the early spring season, rain is a bit less winter cold, bit by bit, stung skin, piercing the proliferation of primitive heart.

In this has to spring and even before the arrival of the spring season, Xu photos mounted on the canvas of a pile wish: a moment of romance is also the old days, may picture canvases prints generation youth loved the time long stay, stay photos on the canvas Perth home industry, you can also accompanied, hand in hand Guan Xia.

Digital photos and to canvas left the language has only eight words, is the three hundred Psalm never revealed the secret, let photo printing to canvas sings a: sorry, thank you, canvas print factory love you.

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