Canvas print factory

Canvas print factory

There's nothing to do all these days, I often together, said some of the past. Then tend to see many good canvas prints USA memory, but those days are gone, as to the future generations to say now to tell their distant legend.

Don't know why a lot of people like to recall their childhood, canvas prints australia even more than ninety years old I how to make a canvas print also grandmother often tell me about her childhood years old wars. My childhood was spent under the care of elders, a year in the end is the carefree, although eating is thick grain miscellaneous mixing is wearing their weaving their own tailored clothes, but than we van gogh canvas prints parents childhood is different.

Actually when our mind is not on food and, you know that every day crazy run, especially after school, after school every day on homework tao bird fishing in the tree for groups of water, is can't remember home printing on canvas until it is dark at home. Actually a day for us is the most happy time of night, canvas factory is one of the happiest time of year have a holiday.

At night as long as it doesn't rain, the whole village was become our next canvas prints, such as play hide-and-seek game is already commonplace. And regardless of age of the game, and that is a few years ago popular song "fluid machine cut a kitchen knife. As long as you can stand up and run the game still can participate in, sometimes when children play with the adults will join them. A chorus singing the "spirit of cutting machine chopper, your canvas for print creature with me to pick, pick who pick two younger sister," the song is to choose the other one to break their own wall, ran away will take away a person, in the other side to sing to pick, pick people to stay and continue to sing without burst open. The game player excited spectators were also happy, every time always provoke half the village people to watch the game. There are many memorable games in retrospect and looking for the companion to play impulse, now even the month lang star dilute village is also quiet trade canvas prints, seems to be busy in one thousand this village decades also can sleep a good night. Sometimes don't want to go out, especially in the summer night, we are brother and sister several people often sits on a millstone around listening to some old grandma curious legend, although people sit at home center has run far away to find fairy to visit.

During the summer vacation is give up canvas photography kite, ran eight miles village, said to play is braving the sweltering heat, so to speak, no matter how hot days don't want to stay at home and be forced to write my homework. Because we have a large apple Lin village, and then there is our entertainment destinations, catch cicadas reading picture-story books and so on free, often these, unless the home eating, other spare time was spent under the trees. Winter put annual leave without too much portrait canvas KuangYe activity; in the village CARDS or you can put a firecracker.

To now I always feel that now the children of the home entertainment canvas way too drab, removing the hard work every day and do the cram school, free time even if a computer or mobile phone, group life time very few, but they are also very happy. I also asked a few kids, they are very happy. I see many people are worth their childhood aftertaste, why not do any great things in one's childhood, childhood is really as its own nature and for the period.

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