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Accidentally saw a small story in WeChat group, pen that is very reasonable, with friends and enjoy: Long ago, there was a very like tea artist canvas sizes rich people, people who are into his tea, canvas prints australia rich or poor, as long as, he told the humans produce served. One day, the rich man's home to a ragged beggar, don't beg, beg bowl of tea drink only speaking. Servant hurriedly let him into the house, to give him a bowl of tea. The beggar looked at it and said: "tea is bad." Good to see him to understand, hurriedly in tea. Beggar sniffed and said: "tea is tea, but not water, need to have a good mountain spring." The humans see some of his position, too busy to take the early I have reserves canvas prints spring again bubble.

Beggar tastes, said: "water is good, but I can't boil water wood, wood of wood need to famous mountains just. Because the sun of the wood is pine, shadow of the wood is qualitative hard." Understrapper finally confirmed it was a master of the tea ceremony, hurriedly take good wood to cook, and ask the master. After tea to come up, the rich man and the beggar drink a bowl. The beggar said: "well, this time the tea, water, wood, fire, all good, canvas prints factory online just make tea giant canvas prints pot of no."

The rich man said: "this is my best pot." Beggar shook his head, a recommended from the pocket carefully, let the humans to make a pot of tea. Taste the rich species, and sure enough, immediately went to a beggar looking at a way: "I would like to buy this recommended; you need to how much money can be." But the beggar is very much like this are recommended, and certainly don't want to exchange for the beggar is very decisive Audrey Hepburn canvas print replied: "no, this is my life, I can't give you".

Rich man quickly stopped and said, "I'm willing to half patrimony to you this pot." A beggar, determined to go. Rich nasty, said: "I am willing to all fortune to buy the pot you." Beggar heard could not help laughing, said: "if I were willing to give up the pot, I will not fall to this point today." Say that finish beggar turned to leave.

The rich man went too said: "so, pot or your nz canvas prints, you can stay at my house, I eat what you eat, but there is a condition, is that you must let me have a look at it every day, how". The rich man love this stuff, so only think of this way under the feeling be nasty. Beggars in trouble for daily living, also have so good cartoon canvas prints things why not promise? For this, the beggar very readily agreed to the rich man printed tapestry canvas requirements. And so the beggars lived in his house, and the rich man with eat to live, two people holding the pot every day, no words don't talk, drink tea drinking, very not happy.

The loss of time, the rich man and the beggar also slowly grow old, obviously than for a rich man older beggar, the day the rich man said to the beggar, you had no children, no one to inherit your pot, after death as you, I'll help you keep, you see how? The beggar very moved walgreens canvas prints agreed.

Soon after, the beggar died, and really the rich man also get it got it are recommended. At first, the rich man to indulge in every day with this recommended inkjet canvas in joy, until one day, the rich man took the recommended or appreciation, suddenly feel now what he seems to be a little less, then his head out of the past with the beggar playing a pot of tea scene, understand everything. So the rich man will be recommended severely giclee on canvas to the ground a fall…

The story finished, unexpected conclusion. The rich man and the beggar with a purple teapot as the earliest media meet and become friends, but as time goes by, many things have changed, the relationship between the rich man and the beggar is not simple canvus prints a purple teapot, friendship between them has surpassed the value of the recommended itself, the purple teapot best just one item, and man is a thinking of emotion, difficult home canvas art is a person's life? For the rich, the purple teapot is like, but the best thing no one to share with their lost meaning, valuables and no bosom friend again. We should understand, your life, what is the most important thing in my heart? Perhaps is the heart tea wall art on canvas with you people!

Life is a bosom friend is enough! This is how many people experience after wind and rain of the feeling! And how many people feel the life pursuit! Bosom friend is a kind of silent canvas print size is warm, is an invisible companion.

Real friends, not to hang on the tip, it’s understood, a bosom friend, a kind of light accompany with resonance. Your heart is like a cup of green tea, indifferently. Sometimes as long as a hug, a look, when you say nothing at all; Sometimes as long as a piece of writing, a pity, and permanent.

Bosom friend, don't need to hide, also don't have to explain, from have a tacit understanding, a bond. Need not deliberately, also need not prepare, own a surprise, a poetic. There is a feeling in life, don't disturb each other unframed canvas prints the world, only in the depths of the soul; Don't interfere each other's life, is spiritual resonance. In todays materialistic, rectangle photo canvas Prints ready to hang bosom friend is hard to find such as nine days to travel?

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