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Online picture printing

Online picture printing

There is no class in the morning, back to the dormitory, the first thing to do is open the cool dog listen to – "little lucky". Ears echoed with soft prints onto canvas melody, "Perhaps busy smile and cry at the time, which are busy chasing a shooting star in the sky… the wind in the rain has been silent guard in place……" Don't know whether I in recent days and gloomy weather, my mood has been unstable. Maybe because of homesick, photo canvas prints maybe because of her. Don't like being pushed open feeling, let me feel that I was wrong.

I don't know if I was wrong, but, I once again proved one thing, I can't a lifetime depend on a person. I didn't never thought to break the habit, the feeling, good lonely, I seem to stop looking at the sky in the branches, Marilyn Monroe canvas prints birds, have that pair of wings, but lost, don't know whether to fly to where, so confused. I save all I rely on the man who gave me everything, photo canavas online like a poet needs to send the scenery, I will be their affection on that little thing, and so, I mind.

Every time I remember, I was a child, mother wanted to go home to see me, I'm stupid sitting at home in front of the silly, ah, etc, such as, etc. Full heart want to be the teacher praised the painting show it to the mother, from the drawer take too hard, closes, task of hand, bloodied, most giclee I afraid of pain, didn't cry, just to let mother saw me for the first time, see my drawing.

I remember, when she's back, ever help me plunge into hair, design and color rubber band is mom, she tied on my hair, she is to return to work outside, I took down, staring at it for a long time for a long time, the above take some bad, I don't give up to do it again, and then put it carefully in a drawer in the box.

Before sister gave a key chain, very beautiful canvas and canvas, I showed my mother is very beautiful, I want to give it to mom, mom said, stay, and then take off her bag purple key chain, said to me. I still put it in the drawer box, and then my mother gave me everything, regardless of the value is not worth, I put it in a box.

I said tell it to water, water said, is you stupid? I silly nodded and said, I am silly. Those things you don't, she says, there will be no meaning and value of their existence. I said, but I don't willing to break them. Then she shook his head, not language. I said, I just want to put feelings on them, at least, have them help me share, I can not so depress.

Think of a few years ago, I had read the old parts, design and color rubber band is already rotten away to a sample, as well as key chain, not the original prints for walls colour and lustre, and many, many… My bullet, breath, will be the mother to be bad all thrown into the trash can, leaving only a few samples in good condition. No reason, no reason, just because I don't want to leave.

When I was a child, mother gave me the feeling is that I'm very dependent on her, really want to mom. But, it seems, but I can't feel mother's love for me. I am a very love thinking long canvas prints. Always feel that, my mother is not so love me, she is more concerned with my sister and brother, she always ignore me, and she doesn't love me, don't care about me. But I was very dependent on very dependent on her.

A few days ago, I asked my sister on the phone, why I less dependent on the mother? Sister said, that is because, the mother is not batman you think canvas prints stronger, do you know the mother is just ordinary woman, nothing special magic power, mother will no longer give you security. I don't know whether that is the answer, it seems that the average person is in this way, can I, I'm not sure.

But, one thing I never change, that is, the man gave me everything, although small, I will leave it.

Remember the time after lunch, assignment, I clap of flowers and plants and water at school. She picked a frangipani for me, don't I chest printed canvases too, I was just about to get off, she said, don't take. I didn't get off, said, such a silly. After that, I put it in a thick book. Later, the girl's day party, class photo printed boy gave each girl a bouquet of roses, water flowers in the dorm all in a bottle, attached to fall a petal, she showed it to me.

A few days ago, when the books, inadvertently opened it, I'm so excited, flowers have been hard, only the rose petals with time is not long. I'm glad to show it to her, she saw, print rectangle photos on canvas ready to hang four bouquet of roses and then take off the bottle of high quality canvas printing a disc, write the word, and then the clip on the book, she said, don't see. There is a small flower, but I could not find, rummaging in my page after page, is not found. One day will find her, but who said prospective?

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