Mini photo canvas

Die inside has a light blue light through the window of the small photos of canvas sheets, canvas prints new zealand  sitting on the bed alone, can feel a little bit of sun broiled, if the ear is not disorderly broadcast on the radio, so quiet and comfortable this afternoon, tell me a cup of strong tea actually there is no taste, bitter photo again on to canvas strong tea is a cup and a cup of water to dilute. And I seem to be in the afternoon of hearts dilute in minutes passed.

Life should be so, in a quiet thinking in brewing. At least can let the heart have a wandering in the branches and the ground turn my photo into a canvas to forget the beauty. Today, photo printing nz in a rare leisurely to search for good dream, forget that naked love in the heart, disguised as a looks for began to adapt to everything, no inspiration, not to think about after nearly mad turn photos into canvas words, and the one I still have a dream of youth?

Ever believe me dreams away from the earth, no object is similar to that of a human buckish, as photo box canvas free can be seen as trying to build a very strong castle, inner desire to one day, and every day seems to be far away from the original dream, is not restrained in sticking to what, forget the hand written, reason is not clear in the mind words, off and on from life photo canva oppressive feeling upset heart insist on line. Is my understanding that the world need to speak out the soul, but the truth is all soul cognition and to the life long prints sections of joke, a struggle at the heart of the earth is difficult to accept that belongs to the home of the soul, escape the soul and heart of all choice paralysis thought, virtual object.

The afternoon sun, alone the custom photos soul bitter zheng, who care about this afternoon thinking not pass to the heart of life, because of fear life, and because blindly pursuing spirit is yearning, in the afternoon without west 10 x13 photo prints in the sunlight, which tears in the midnight, the boy sat on the bed again met in the afternoon.

Feeling is no longer so strong, the heart is also in doubt, refrain from written to clenched, and written in a casual told her anguish on house size are inevitable, so childrens canvas near-collapse of mind, as if there were moving too quickly, so have to tell yourself this messy mind seemed to commit suicide, also seems to be in self-deception, has been through pain khan Mao Shao volatile in the air. Including the disturbing photo print prices fear more acquaintance afternoon heart is how to think.

Maybe can have such a hard struggle, made the most glorious moment in life. Even if the life is only interacting with sunshine, ear always lay not how quiet photo print prices music, a cup of strong tea always didn't taste has lost its taste, but I still want to insist is his own love, struggle, is given in the soul of his affirmation, in such a state of mind to live every day though the hard to avoid pain again, the thought of the afternoon hold written also struggled, and the final choice is to adhere to the self, as if the heart will calm a lot.

How the tomorrow, in the afternoon sun not assert that I imagined canvas prints photobox is what I want, what I wish is I will to fight, I fight is you want to get when I try to printing photographs on canvas, the afternoon seems very mixed feelings, reason is not clear is another feature of this afternoon, as if nothing is in the heart, as if full of everything. Want to say in writing is not a piece of paper, write on the paper is to want to see, but again let oneself is easy photo canvas puzzling, don't know what can also release, anyway this is kind of stroke, heart of organization of new words, new words. Suffering the same heavy, the heart still dull haze, just like in spring in the northern own photos on canvas sky.

If anyone in any different state of mind, are difficult to sort out of boredom, so happy heart annoyed went there, it is forgotten or neglected, or not at all. I try to enjoy life not to be annoyed intrusion afternoon, music, strong tea, row to row to written, can you see the put photo on canvas is always annoyed again and again to speak to the listening, as if the heart is always choosing emotionally fragile eruption of suffering. That kind of quiet in the afternoon sun no noise, no too many thoughts, eager calm down photos in canvas, reason is annoyed intrusion. Boredom is always rooted in the heart, is you the depths of the soul from the excavation, what it can't dominate, but it's there is fear, and fear is excuse me a quiet small canvas photo prints in the afternoon. Meet the afternoon sun, told it is beautiful, even if I nagging am full. Restlessness, but I still want to say: thank you, can give me such a laugh talk quiet, photo on acrylic prints even boredom is that tesco photo canvas ruthless, I love life and I get to know each other in the afternoon.

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