Personalized canvas art

Personalized canvas art

Personalized canvas art

Think when you've never been to our arts on canvas in my life, but you must have been to, with the whole body injury, the pain to numb you don't know, we have been hurt so heartache; Want to put you from my mind completely, but no matter how to don't care, in the final analysis, is to cannot extricate oneself; I hope you can always goes back as soon as possible, but you have to resist, a road to black, a pair of oath does not return.

Front is a cliff, each step, let us complete space canvas art heart nearby a step, we can't will you bundle Fu, also can't let you lazy, we can only silently behind you, I hope you can has repent, turn head again, but you are desperate to have been walking, regardless we are behind you, tears streaming down her face, has to meet stinging pain. You are completely unknown, or you don't understand human accident, who really thought you are old Month, who tried to make you astray; Who does not hope you some into small only do I hope you can clean, who duplicity wait and grasp the handles for you to see your jokes. When you walk in a dark endless road, I have been behind you, zhi a beacon for you, why you never want to look back a look?

We are your canvas prints in Australia, our nearest and dearest relatives is the only hope this world hello man, your whole life happiness and the credit of the gain and loss are involved with us, we the happiness and joy for you, for you to buy canvas prints' worry and sorrow, for your pain and sorrow, for you sad sigh, why don't you and we treat each other sincerely, honest, blindly lies diddle our trust, for us to give you photo to canvas printing words in good faith to not care? In your heart, we so many years of kinship be caring and attentive, not even for a double fawningly insincere to you but others.

If this world there are you like without you, for us, is a grief, despair, even a lifetime of sadness. Isn't that was predestined, I want to taste the world canvas prints of photos sad, but these sad, some are about you. I don't want to go to taste the sadness, not I'm not strong enough, can not be calm in the face of a thunderstorm, but I don't want to see you off track, life was finally injury to pieces, can't turn back. We have been so engaged in by you, blessings, no room for RPM; We have been so eagerly looking forward to, I hope you can go back to start a new life, do a simple, ordinary printing photo to canvas, crossing the JianJing dull day!

If you can look back, it would be great, their eyes don't sad words, will be from now on, you put down all the past things, Chen they may also be abetted. The reason it during the day, a sit in the evening, families gather, even a simple fare, will feel very glad. If meet at the feast, but also a multiplication of joy, I dot intention, together with you a short time, talking and laughing, take this opportunity to also can see a lot you print my photo on canvas familiar and warm surface. So the simply cannot again simple, ordinary can no longer ordinary happiness, for others, it is easy, for us, but forget to dust the mo, and sometimes it is only because of you, from now on, will converse with us.

You know, they online photo canvas heart is bleeding, the irrelevant for your ridiculous; you know, their eyes sad, such as flood, that promote the end of the road for you; you know, my heart pain, that regardless of suicide for you. If you set is not know, you know, how could such a degenerate, such cuts affliction. I just hate, I even can make them proud, also can't instead of you forever in the position in their mind, what's more, now buy art canvas online, I just a grain of dust nondescript, less than the white clouds floating above their dream, can only slowly falling in reality, and when they do their pride, can solve their heart canvas photo online so sorrow!

If you look back, I will thank god. If god, genuflect is begged can let you back as soon as possible, let me kneel how long I am willing. Our blood is linked together, if you are bleeding, we will follow the pain; if you are sad, and we also will follow sad injury. How do you so ruthless, see our concern as dirt, discarded; with our true feelings as slime, upon them. If you always don't want to look back, and their prints onto canvas have grace, when how to repay you; they are for you to pay my life, im a life time, when you how to do? Isn't that I, your arrival, it is destined to is our, we are doomed to escape this fate, to be burning pain alive in this time!

Do not know our past, how did evil things, this life to taste the hardships, home is not like home, also south circle dream, to eat sweet and sour, the bitter food do, when to pay off the past SINS, not heard by luxury riches and honour, for happiness, happy and happy circle. Remember childhood, destitute, burning a kerosene lamp in the evening, sleeps upon, supper, ran out of the house. Midsummer season of mosquitoes, beans along the high picture onto canvas long poles to the top, green beans, along with the breeze gently swaying, moon bright and clear, we run around in the front room, cheerful dancing in the moonlight shadow, play to tired, took two pieces of DouYe, a glue to you, a piece of me, and then an endless. Play tired, just got into bed and close your eyes and listen to in front of the pond from acrylic glass printing croak, one after another, with a crisp, sweet and listened unconsciously fell asleep!

That day, now that I think about it, though very poor, but true canvas photo deals so happy, you don't so naughty; they also do not have so much grief. They wish us to hurry and grow up, the time of the anti static, we really grown up, thought that when we grow up, they will be less worry about miss, who wanted to, waiting for you I grow up, is to let them sad. I still remember, once you have been playing, I try very hard to protect you, finally you and I are not luckily, I was crying hiding under the bed, at dinner, you will rice end to my bed, call me: "elder sister, have a meal", you know at that moment, how much I moved and happy! But now, how can we, will you wake up, stomp, years, retrace life

God, I beg you, open your eyes and see, if you can, all the pain, all sin, can a person to bear by me, let them. I was in the dream, dream about bodhisattva charitable face, I was in a dream and saw the Buddha Lord appointed day, give my gold prophecy, those four words, vaguely, has been lingering in my heart, I don't let their old canvas printing deals heart, again tortured; I don't want to see him go to the desolate despair, can't turn back! How do I, to get attached to them, one by one off; How can I, can let them in the future days, no longer despair?

Suffering and don't go, no matter you like it or not, all have to face. Suffering can't take, no matter you don't accept, all have to bear; Sad cut constantly, no matter how you let go, have no effect. I imagine they surge of heart sad at night, the night, it got dark, but their photo to canvas deal worry and miss, but like the moonlight Lang obviously; they pretended to strong tears during the day, always in that becomes the middle of the night, stinging eyes, hot side. I don't know how to comfort, also don't know how to cheer up, don't know how to more strong, only the world, sad, no warm. If you look back, it would be great!

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