Canvas art online Australia

Canvas art online Australia

Canvas art online Australia

On December 10th, a snow, winter gives me free prints' first surprise, although it is not big enough, but enough to make me feel the spirit of winter. Because have no time to buy gas all the time, so temporarily unable to cook a meal in the home, can only walk outside to eat. 15 minutes in the road is not too far, the canvas poster step process for me is nothing, and I like to walk.

A bowl of pickle paper let me eat with relish, aside. Started to walk back after paying, I like to walk quietly, this time I will let my thoughts, don't care what, don't care where it fly to.

Between walking, suddenly a piece of white not melt wall art canvas prints of snow in her came into my eyes, it is bright white color and the ground of the colored form strong color difference, it is no longer a flat in the snow, the surface because of the stepped on the footprints of many potholes. I note the very long, as if in a dialogue with a life. I know, it is gone, the heart that don't let I don't want to leave. It online wall art of life is short, but the beauty of the Edward Chen, deeply in everyone's mind. I can't ask what it has let me feel the charm of winter! I stepped on the residual gently being online photo printing of snow, the crispy crunchiness, beautiful, quiet my heart, there is no any kind of voice that can match with it.

Beautiful abstract canvas paintings is doomed to melt snow, will end up in the earth, and in the coming year as flowers bloom in the spring. Our life is doomed to die, but death our life will be how to oil paintings for sale Australia in another form exists in the world? Suddenly, as if my heart is being squeezed from a kind of strange.

Season is ruthless, I know the winter will soon be over; snow ready to hang canvas prints ablation is inevitable. Without no snow and ice melting, no flowers in the spring! Maybe I shouldn't be too caring about the changing seasons, all can't change. I'm looking forward to the next print your own canvas coming, I know that there are good things need to be patient. Between the bow, but found himself unexpectedly also has a no melting snow.

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