Some images on canvas idea

Some images on canvas idea

Some images on canvas idea

Recently in planning a women emotional podcasts, team inkjet canvas strange female youth has always burst into bizarre ideas of seconds, one of the issues is, canvas prints au and do you want to be a strong woman.

So I ask myself, do you want to be a strong woman. Once upon a time, there may be thought so too. Used to be when?

Seemingly, may, perhaps, is about high school, and university of time, when the economy is not independent, cheap canvas prints australia and think you can do anything, for the future is full of wonderful imagination, and then again in such legal the wind triptych canvas effect, feel just is supposed to be a winner of the workplace superwoman, struggle out belongs to own a piece of heaven and earth. At that time, I never think love is a must, if ask my career or marriage important, I will not hesitate to the original canvas art said I'd like to get a successful career. Really, funnily enough, I was think so How of heroism. In fact, you should be wanted to say, how canvas and canvas art silly ridiculous.

Later, working for several years, especially made after consulting, running all over the country, often to finish a project on immediately ran down a project, in addition to the rocket maglev spacecraft sitting all over a variety of means of transport, including small town vie! Company will not because of who you are, a girl put you closer to the artist in Australia in place or where the transportation is convenient point, also not because of who you are, but because the girl was accommodating you too late in the day you can drive to the project until the next day, but because you are a girl, so the luggage will always be bigger than their male colleagues some heavy, of course, female colleagues will be emphasized that to sink a lot.

Eight at nine o 'clock in the evening, in the suburbs of Hangzhou bus station waiting for the transfer, dark, cold, I have almost no one in the platform waiting for the bus, because of fear, cell phone has maintained a canvass art and her boyfriend, I think, so don't be afraid, because even if there are malicious people see someone know my whereabouts will be switched on. , of course, the experience is not the first time, in addition to the road at night afraid to maintain outside calls has been with her boyfriend, I still enjoyed the fast-paced wall portraits of life. And I know that my colleague peers are very hard, no one who is at ease.

Just, that night to the hotel, and can't sleep, being too close to the airport, the plane landed, I also cannot sleep even if tired, himself lying at the hotel t shirt printing on the bed, looking at the ceiling, the audience outside the aircraft roar, that moment I suddenly thought of once "life ambition", then ask yourself, this is the life of a strong woman? Or, this is the path to a strong woman? So, what is a strong woman?

I think, if a woman is the sort of aura sharp strong wall art prints for career women, politicians, business legend, so, I now is not, and never will, because, I have never been a strong person. But rather than sharp strong aura, but I think it is kind of people can call more women: they independent-minded and economic independence, and the lover may prepare or have already formed their own poster printing small family, not only can only have a family care, more likely to have a support their job or career or hobby expertise, live easy life colorful, not how rich, but elegant and beautiful, not haggle over every ounce.

This oil paintings to a person, the life will always wonderful, not romantic, because state of mind, this is the real strong. To become such a strong woman, from now on, photo to canvas won't make the man heard a strong woman thinks of butch, the devil wears Prada, then, is a woman's success. Forget to say, in fact, from two years ago, I to oneself being wall art, it is no longer become the career, but hope you grow up to be a elegant and intellectual being artwork woman. If you think it is a strong woman, that is.

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