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Boy finally look not to the past, angrily theory to find girl, a girl but not listen any words in my heart, canvas printing online australia but think no common language between two people, position, finally will only end in break up. Old man heart prints onto canvas humbled and spreading under the rocks of the bottom of my heart silently miss finally fermentation, drew up after all to come to a bad illness. Bedridden how to print photos onto canvas the old man was anxious, the boy had to beg a girl to go home to see her sick old man. Girl busy at work, in order not to distract her, the boy who is only begged agent out of the ear. The heavy rain and huge thunder 1 vigorously hail, old man struggling in the rain, turbulence, he said he wanted to see their daughter one last look. Only to walk on the road, a truck sped to come over, see will hit the old man, he ran to the old man old dog prosperous wealth, prosperous wealth to death, as the old man's heart, is sad, is sad.

A little life is like a light faint ready to hang canvas prints candlelight, the dark street there was because the baby's crying sound of tender. Dazzling neon light, people also don't back down, home printing to canvas are in hurry to catch the big sees the last bus. A lame old man reeled before went to the baby, an abandoned little girl, a little too soon lose warm life, just like the old man alone.

The old man these half years had a particularly hard. Born deaf, let him have no way of words alone print my photos in a corner of the city life, can only collect empty wine bottle feed themselves. Arms that do not know the history of the little girl seems finally to the expectations of a sense of security, nest in warm and the old photos to canvas' body temperature down quietly singing sound sweet dream. , the old man cherish the gaze that flow children, almost to be delighted to drop of tears, he gave his only just believe this is really precious.

But rejoice wall canvas art Australia at the same time, need to face more embarrassment. Old man harder to collect empty bottles, also more and more upon Chen himself, made efforts in exchange for money to buy cheap milk powder. Hard days wall art canvas prints Australia, but girls also grow up quickly. On this day, a girl 6 years old, she picked up a stray dog, and named prosperous wealth. In girl's childhood, have countless days is an empty bottle, holding the old one to moderate, the old man not to talk, the girl was on one side and again ask: "no wine dry if sell?" .

Girl wall art printing voice is very beautiful, natural good voice let her become a proud old man mouth piece. Thin and poor families had never been so cold and cheerless, girl like singing, the old man like to see a girl smile, in front of the dog fell on putting photos on canvas ladder quietly gazing at everything in sight. They support each other, and never give up each other. Later, the little girl had grown up and fell in love; he fell in love with a writer. Young personalized photo canvas writers were poor, but he loves her very much, want to know a girl, and bring her into the realm of the real music. He will write songs for her, to help the old man carrying bottles, amuse prosperous wealth. Even if there is no material canvas art sale deck, cordiality thick scene has been in the family applied colors to a drawing gives the look of happiness on his face.

But one day, a girl depend on ourselves in art pictures to canvas talent and boy shallow knowledge out of the church by name, became the most popular song star. The girl's life as if there will be a qualitative leap, inane she faded old man sleeping sewing for her years old, she gave rouge powder, change the beautiful high quality prints makeup, house, car, the pursuit of all around them to easily. Her arrogant proud to walk in the fine society, make the pride of almost let she forgot that she had been called "dad" artwork for walls. But the girl to boy gave away his music hall of kindness is still grateful, persuaded him to live with himself into big villas, bustling and luxury that they should enjoy. As for the piles of empty wine bottles, not only the deaf and dumb family canvas wall art father can let her feel shame.

Looking at what the boy was blinded by the secular girl, heartache. The same face, but the heart? Boy refused the girl photo prints on canvas invitation, still back to the house to take care of the lost old man. Later, the girl is more and more busy, more and more famous for, life is all arranged by manager. Miss many years with their daughter, but the old man for his boys than with gestures, expressions some anxious and disintegrated, he begged the boy to take him to find a girl. But when they haven't entered the concert canvas door is a group of people cried out. The old man think children have their own career, too busy, shouldn't bother her. Was a long time didn't go to find a girl just sold bottles a day, go home before the door must be in concert stood for a moment, his photography art for sale daughter is inside, she must be very well, think of this, old people are always happy and ashamed turned away. This time, the old man finally saved up enough money to buy a bag of small pine nuts, this is my daughter loves to eat; he will give it to his daughter. But the girl turned over face, throw it to the old man a lot of money, let he also don't to bother your again. Old man gawk usual picture to stare at the closed door, collapse suddenly want to cry, but he didn't say anything. Only the pine nuts in left hand, also didn't take a girl a handout.

Boy suffering from serious illness, the die wall art children position of the last song he wrote for the girl and client must be given to the girl. Concert girl reluctantly opened the note, the effect of this song is: "what a familiar voice, how much wind and rain to accompany me, never need to remember, never forget. There is no god, to which have no home, no home where have you, where have I without you. If you've never raised me, give me warm canvas prints wall art life, if you never protect me, what will be my destiny!" Gorgeous dress up the girl as if were disillusioned, head of yes, one by one is thick and warm father figure, is a mountain wall art and prints an empty bottle, itself a matter of counting the number of the joy of singing, is the father of the deaf in order to buy her a bag of pine nuts tired dizzy in the sweltering heat street scene, is prosperous wealth dragged tail the dog The frolicking with her, and the sentence and sentence to read up: "no wine dry if sell?" Girl finally saw everything, she cry put photo on canvas choking with sobs, she learn to this song over and over again, and in the final stage to sing the songs of the boy to write, it takes a lifetime remembered her song "dry if selling wine without". Girl potter singing, the audience all people shocked, all put a photo on canvas almost to tears, the girl stood on the stage about their origin, and then desperate ran to the hospital, she wants to see his father.

When the old man watched his daughter, a line of eyes slowly down, the old man sipped his mouth, he really photo put on canvas to call his girl, but he really couldn't say anything. Just smile looked at her daughter, slowly close your eyes. Girl tore heart crack lung of crying, she again and again to transfer photos to canvas, waving the old man's arm again and again shouted: "I was wrong, I'm really wrong, I'm sorry…" Dry if selling wine. Dry wine, if sell, is there an empty wine bottles to sell?

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