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Personalized print

Personalized print

Grow old, we do not become better or worse but more like him. Roommate had the notoriety of the dormitory clean, custom canvas prints dragging suitcases at the gate said, "I walk cough up, and remember the door when you leave." "Well, have a good trip." After I lazily response, and closed his eyes, head, though didn't faint pain last night, but still very dull.

Hear carridor cleaning aunt own picture on canvas bottle collision plink, the in the mind is very guilty, I can drink much last night, canvas prints au is everyone clear, the in the mind again how crazy how make, also like this four years of university, beer, wine, can drink, can't drink it, by not dissipate ready to hang canvas wall art alcohol confide in each other the truth, say out some knot has been solved. Who is the university no noise.

Dinner drink a lot, when I was back to the dormitory ready to hang canvas art I met several relations very good junior, panoramic canvas prints ask me why face so red, I see them excited, the flushing is not a mistake, but it is not the appearance of the noodles son. To the dorm to accompany their own home brew drink a large bottle of friends my photos on canvas rice wine, see he carried in a few cases of beer, I resolutely hide into the toilet, with Karen to send Zippo, inside a cigarette to play, there are a few QQ message from asked me whether I ok, be met before a few junior, reply them I was not drunk, the toilet door was knocked flying, come out to drink was human, though some have sit instability, I said I can't drink any more, then found that this sentence is silly, they are holding a cup, one word: "print my photo on canvas students four years? Is a lifetime of brothers?" drank a cup of then a cup, I very grievance, the minutes, really want to cut off all relations with all the people present silos as long as you don't drink, but I do not say, after all, beat them.

I hate beer, bad also bulging belly, I really don't know something invented this photo to canvas art people at that time is how to think, always feel belly with gas in the straggling, I know it's not be seal has been a long time of the power of the universe, in their laughter, I ran to the balcony, the balcony of the wind is not very big, but very cold, see the back of the road, looking at the distance of dormitory burning printing photographs on canvas, yes, I was reminded of a person, although time has passed for a long time, but maybe it's because with she together of the time is too short so I can remember all done everything. With each others, I will smile, they laugh, just different is they put it as a joke, and I was laughing myself helpless, I don't want to put the scar medal of all the time when the same to show to people everywhere, like a beggar or pretend to be like a pathetic begging people everywhere photograph to canvas compassion, but it's not so free and easy, I don't want to pack is not weak, I do not say do not represent won't pain. "Break up, from your lips is so cold… I thought to stay not wrong, I thought I tried you will understand, I thought you just temporarily lost, I thought you are tired back to…" Don't know who is very fit to open my music playback, if the record at the time, I think, don't do late also must have a good video.

I don't have this group of people, such as carnival jump into bed and pretended to be asleep, the end of the brush head into the quilt circle of friends, the screen is full to leave print photos UK sentences, men said 2 b, I'm not afraid to leave your money, I am afraid to leave you, and may well; Shocking said, our story there is a sequel…

Think of in the freshman year, read A blog: if one day you pushed open the door of the dormitory, roommates are packed the baggage, see you in the door, give you A hug, brothers to say goodbye, and then leave, whole room is left you and A few empty get photos printed on canvas bed, and you see their shadow, playing with A knife tower and B on the bed to play mobile phone, let you give him A glass of water from time to time, C on the stool with relish picking toes… Once again by phone noisy awake, it is a few people send me pictures of dogs were killed for their, very angry, tell me, they scold, then think it unwise, and then deleted about also deleted them.

Get up and stretched himself on the balcony, the weather was fine, the sun on your face is very comfortable, I wash up moved stools in the balcony, enjoy reading in the balcony in the sunshine, I always eager to read from the book get what, but in the end, nothing seems to have thought of classmate say, I should find a pen name thirteen, with 13 is that they are getting for me photos printed on canvas a lot of their IQ now under state cannot understand the behavior of the definition, presumably they now have the train on the way home, and some may not meet, later than their treasure.

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