Photography in Australia

Photography in Australia

Photography in Australia

Early winter, my mother suffering from acute pancreatitis nearly two months after hospital discharge, canvas printing sydney ease pain, can eat millet coarse grains, just listen to the doctor told still cannot eat fat animal products online photo canvas meals, but I think the doctor said there are exaggerated, mother sick in bed already thin many, worry about their children, and often urged, accidentally see meat, fear recurrence of old sick again.

I was alone set foot on the train heading north, green train changed not being hanging canvas printing online trouble, photos on canvas online like a dying old man, exchange with the nightmare thoughts in the night, it wants to have a sweet sleep, don't want to fight and night out. Experience gathered in the outer wall, such as my palm mottle cream, through the window him cold. Forward after five hundred kilometers, it to silent canvas wall art prints, the night understanding passengers looking back, only feel chills to the teeth with, there is a hint of green train is donatives tenderness, will soon be lost. Station is a bit in the morning, I phoned my parents at the hotel, saying all peace, is cold, forgot to bring my hat and lodging place is bad and expensive; Chatting, they played a yawn, I didn't think of their age is big, like the green train. "There you go, I want to sleep."

Hotel in dark, the sky has turned up, the sky was a fish-belly grey I lean against on the rail waiting quietly, waiting for the first class to witan mountain usual wall art prints. Think of there are not so much water in the kettle, open the door to the boss for pot of hot water, he just wake up, bleary eyed asked me if I was going to witan mountain, loud gurgling kettle to burn, steaming, he said to me, he again remind of last year, from the little girl walked to witan mountain… Water to boil, I still listen to, and train up late not to, ask only after know if wait also had two hours, the boss good master will call a taxi for me, time is not early, will set off immediately. Teacher is native, child at home with my age, in college, I listen to the familiar jinn sound a little thought of childhood, with I can still remember gale art prints with teacher chewed witan dialect.

Winter mountains is white, old not build up of snow and the new snow last night, never dyed fireworks, tall and straight online artwork for sale birch forest Range mountainside, morning light shines Bay gold, dazzling radiance, winter branches in the wind, can vaguely hear the mount icicles rattled on, hundreds of thousands.

Road slowly in front of the high, on the mountain, the snow outside the window within reach, mountain stream valleys, on the other side of the river sparkling, winding, it is snow mountain artwork for sale canvas line of life, I in the source of the water in the kettle might. Moments after peaking, extremely broad vision on the ridge, pure blue sky of blue, white clouds to the long distance, like a child's laughter without modification to clean. Foot girl, I think the landlord said heart to move, to walk under the car…

Is going to arrive, the teacher stopped in Toll Gate and wanted me to get off, turned out to be bearing the outsiders want to charge oil paintings on canvas for sale, had to around a circle in referring to the location of the meeting, and for two miles, to the sansei. I walk around aimlessly, streets, courtyards, it opened a lot of hotels, some would come out to the single traveler, I avoid a few back to find home noodle restaurant to eat breakfast, 15 pieces of artwork wholesale element face, woo, very expensive.

Stores very cordial, after dinner to ask a few words so I stood up to black screw cap, at the foot of the mountain have a monk's robe of patches monks step in rags, put a bowl on the ground, whether to buy traveler, don't know is which the monastery was down and out, in the early morning not early lessons to alms, I scorn to borrow, on the stone stairs. Stone steps do not know to where, tall and twists and turns, in my front also has a group of young traveler, talking and laughing, appear I alone, frozen being canvas pictures my nose is running water in the face Like two words written on the poor, is really envy them.

Reached the top of the mountain there was a shack in the temple gate, which has a monk ticket, but I think, if have not consciously pilgrims he would not intervene, I naturally is conscious, don't want to disrupt the family state of mind. Shack with a pipe extends outward and dripping with sesame oil, want to be heating, I accidentally drop a few drops on his head, laughed and sobering.

Wind chimes in the corner under the eaves of Qing dynasty, black screw cap without noise, have being canvas prints fast delivery just mood little thoughts make, in about wind chimes, burst. I think so. Leaning corridor place nap bars, little thought and, at the moment there's a young woman passed by.

Girl: no, the old dog one, should be a Tibetan mastiff, eyes red blood, hair like a bearded, staring at me, my heart will appear to be generally squat down to touch it, hair stiff, but not a trace of discontent, hence I safely and its interaction, a traveler passed have to surprised eyes, may seem detached feeling, very western style. The steps down the hill before it take me to the door, I reluctant to go, say goodbye. Temple has a cyan nu Buddha enshrined right outside the main gate, Buddha is a ghost, is very fierce, awe, head to, since can't lack. Wutai mountain temple don't know how many size, can't travel, then I went to the river to play, the ice, kids frolicking in the above, sleep will not come out of the cold, until the evening sky I find a taxi teacher said art prints being inn, to break down.

Called the bowl you flour after turn on the air conditioning, heating gradually awaken already unconscious ears, too cold, abide said it used to be the emperor summer cool and refreshing, my experience in the early winter, cool and refreshing, far more than simply ice king. Hair bears some of the frost, body heat is volatile canvas oil painting caused by water vapor, sent a few photos to the space and ask friends after famous scenic spots here time is not early, before a: had you flour I go out to buy paper towel on the road, to see not a few bright light, the night sky star light, as if a photo of the 1980 s, cool and refreshing and clear. Because there is no second day greasy hair shampoo being canvas prints UK, close look at the risk of abrupt scene, who called the inn no hot water… Travel with friends after I temple, a group of travelers in the inn under the visual into was alone in the morning breeze, glide near my pistol, it means in my heart, poetry.

Manjushree, tower… Bow down and worship, turn round, say, make your own canvas is a pilgrimage. I sent a message to a long not to contact friends; worship asked what he wanted to buy usual art Buddha, what wish now said to me, I find him out. Walking didn't forget your vows, bless a go in peace, mother disease-free without disaster. Noon leisurely lazy sunshine sprinkled on my face, I sit bus window, watching them away being art online Australia of wall, tower, he fell asleep thinking about thinking. Until to the front of the train station, and looked at the green train, I realized the journey is over.

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