Summer night on large printing

Summer night on large printing

Summer night on large printing

Hot photo to canvas Australia in summer, heat wave, mosquito buzzing balls in the ear, I toss and turn, for a long time can't sleep, just got up and went downstairs. Night markets, along the street lights, canvas factory crowded, unincorporated cries, raise one after another, very busy. Sichuan hot pot town half, is the smell of hot pot in the air. I used to be in provincial capital had a hot pot, the sight in the town again this evening, to wait in line, people in the mobile phone, look at newspapers, play chess, play CARDS, in the chat, wait to eat hot pot anyway. The best opportunity to eat the hot pot, is claimed to be hot in the summer beach canvas print, spicy hot pot with shirtless Choke, beers, irritable, Kublai khan dripping wet, is very good, eating is a kind of state, eating is a kind of feeling.

Walk a mile to the river bank. In weighed river ecological gallery is here, like the way being canvas prints would in Sydney eight hundred, which it is embedded in the new era "in" building a shining pearl. Attraction of ecological campus, health already become city people's walking habits, canvas prints or white-haired old man, or a sweet puppy love couples, or a small object, or a bud of prints, wall art children people hand arm elbow, joy and happiness with all on my face.

Why it has been, "in opera clear pronunciation and mellow voice, forceful, mainly is the earth, and the years Good crop weather, the grain harvest, people's lives smoother, eat satisfied after digestion, roar a few sound can pass in decades. But in words big canvas art accurately weigh and classic opera aria, only know, sang like thick soil in plain, a handful is culture, dig a spade is archaeology.

In the distance, passion square red song bursts, song to a climax, "long march suite of songs", "my motherland" and so on, has attracted visitors constantly to join. A white-haired old lady, hand pull echo, close put freely, is said to have nearly eighty – year – old, I guess it is the power of music. Someone in the discussion, the per capita retired early have music hobby, now the voluntary union, say exercise, edify sentiment, Acura times, in short, the social positive energy.

Move towards the lotus fragrance online digital prints pond, night fishing crowd was silent, with night-light equipment, I see Daimyo fishing tackle each has its own characteristics. According to speak, fishing expedition are the concentration and coagulation hearts meet force, the combination of dynamic and static. Face rippling pictures to canvas and blooming lotus pond, it suddenly occurred to me that Zhou moonlit lotus pond, looking for is different from the day of the world, wrote a popular elegant prose "lotus pond moonlight", also the heat settled in wholesale canvas printing lotus pond. A few years ago, I under the guidance of a teacher in Tsinghai, visited the "lotus pond moonlight" live, live to my heart divine hope for years. Tonight, I walk in the town of summer heat, but everywhere feel baby canvas prints is people's life is full of passion.

Summer is hot; no air conditioning in the past, many people cool sleep on the street, now has any this. Dance fitness square crowd is becoming more and more people take practice, heat waves and actually looking for in the past that kind of feeling, like a peasant, "people eat spicy hot figure, sheep eat jujube figure rolling?" Without the heat of summer, there is no winter cold, the four seasons cycle, gave the world colorful long canvas prints natural landscape, human changes to adapt to the natural, life will be more and better.

Summer is hot, but still natural cool. Reading is always quiet, I recently in rereading the magazine "readers" many years ago an article "a bowl of clear soup soba noodles", through the movie "five golden flowers", still thinking and harvest touched, the positive and clean, always inspired me.

On home Kelly lane canvas prints, lie on the bed, air conditioning wind that made me a cool and refreshing. Mobile phone We Chat circle of friends and lively, tomorrow's life, panoramic canvas print from now again.

The summer night, is doomed to be a sleepless night.

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