Printed on canvas photos choking love

Printed on canvas photos choking love

Printed on canvas photos choking love

Music in the loudest, canvas prints nz but more don't tell the difference between each song tune… All people are saying, for a goal; always make your own canvas to work on. But I don't have any direction, to the north, west, south, east to run; perhaps I can't distinguish the southeast northwest. So, I always used to look back, looking at each place, every little corner, also only oneself still standing in situ, Michael stood out step by step… Of, originally I didn't leave, even if the original go first photo canvas Australia, that person may be me, but I am puzzled, you get back!

Already don't know how many times had to leave, also don't know and who said goodbye, canvas prints online corner and saw, and who is really the ends of the earth, phase forget the river's lake. Memories have already forget to give me another type pictures on canvas a slap in the face, is no longer pointed to my wound let me regret, have in the past, memories and sorry to have to take a reason I, and I also seem to forget the memories of life, the scars of life… From bleeding to heal, to the very obtrusive scars, I might have forgotten how much pain once, but I can't forget I'm usual wall prints a pain.

Love who, who was loved… Who in order to forget you, put down the pride and self-esteem, as all these are the cheapest and the most shameless thing in the world, stepped on the foot, throwing in the street… To the people who do not love, I dropped to the floor again, dog sniff the commonly, crazy find the self-respect, pride, like air, like the next seconds without these, they will not live in general… I did not cherish, not miss, no master, no lose, of course, I also never have. Because I don't know who I am, who are you, who I loved, and you love personalized canvas art again is what I really want you to know that I am?

In his coming back, where to choose a after his left side, love maybe is gone! Love is the most terrible place; it will slowly become a habit. People say that a habit as long as one hundred days, and sometimes love just glance, but I'm trying to kick the habit of just feel choking on the third day, he like pinching my panoramic photo printing neck, mercilessly stared at, he laugh… His open hand let me run, let me escape… At first, I just want to escape, don't back to my head, and I try very hard to run, I fall, I got up and continue to run… Ran, oneself actually don't want to run away, I want to come back to see if he is caught, have kept the canvas photos Australia in search of my trace, ever hysteria when couldn't see my… Originally, I was reluctant to leave.

I am such, black and blue, with the whole body is scars, I kept dragging this tired of the flesh, 1 in heart, to turn back. If there is a knife stab into my body, fine art print pierced my bowels, my stomach, my lungs, my heart is dirty… I just want to hold the more tightly grasp them by the hand, only because I love him! Even if he because of fear, panic, a knife a knife to stab me, I will smile to him, smile to him, let him remember me the most beautiful moment, I love him, make your own canvas print one last look in the eyes, and I love him and contentment. Yes, I love, I love him! I love each person in my life, I really love the man at that time, even if leave scar, even if tore heart crack lung of pain, I love it all! Open my eyes, panoramic shape of photos on canvas music is still whispering roar… Hand knock the keyboard, the heart is beating on those scars.

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