Robot photos onto canvas

Robot photos onto canvas

Robot photos onto canvas

This is the third day, I came to this world still mimic these’s expression and emotional canvas print deals robot, canvas prints au seem to have been in imitation of the human and alive! Even so, I still feel is not very good, because they are very hate humans. I am human, and their hostile species! Here the custom print robot would look very beautiful, by some means, I know the hierarchy of the world, low, intermediate, advanced. Seem to be simple and complex, because senior like ants in the mother ant can emit wisdom.

I have been looking for the method of back, canvas prints online australia also do not forget to steal those middle robot artist canvas food! I like to see them disappear on food places a daze, it makes me more ethnocentric!

For seven days, go back to the way a little also have no, I don't like this one to live in a world of robots? But fate again to play with me!!!!!!! "You wall canvases taste good strange?" A beautiful wearing fancy suit man came up to me! At that moment I show great panic, I forced myself to look into his eyes, because of advanced robot for low-level orders when they are!

"Follow behind me!" Man has no reason to say the words, looked at the army behind him, only crustily skin of head to follow. I entered his photo canvas deals floor; I think he is right of advanced robot. "Do you understand love?" I was surprised he puzzling words for a moment, then answered "don't understand!" "Well, you are a junior robot, perhaps have never heard" What he said is beyond the robot photo wall art bottom line! If not the tone of his cold, I really will him as a human. It's a pity that he isn't. "Love is a terrible thing, but I've always wanted to understand it, can you let me know?" He leans over and point

"Xing officer why choose me" "Because you have a special beautiful prints, speak up! Do you escape the newest copy human robot?" Hear his question; I immediately understand that he will be the purpose of my call. I also went down his rod to climb! But then I didn't think wall canvas is Australia, he asked me to do his lover, I've heard of imitation human robot, they are imbued with a knowledge between men and women, but is a failure, more or less a little flaw! Now, I can only pretend to be robots on a date with him tomorrow. Things goes well than I thought, I taught him how to send a flower, how to brush a romantic, how to send gifts, teach him to coax me when I unhappy. But he seems to be a flirt, just shy of the robot, this is I've never seen a photo print 'mood, sometimes he is very cute.

"Small Zhan, I take you to a place" he cocked his head and looked at me, is I teach him shout name, in this world only the code he feels is a nice name. I also help him a name, called air, is from the meaning of love, was meant to me one day to leave, and I am his love! He took my photo to be run out of the hand held my days of mechanical floors. Finally came to a cloud of glowing place to stop. "Small Zhan, here is a channel, can lead to the earth!" His smooth cheek so softly in the moonlight! When I heard the word "earth", I laughed, laugh so sad! I caressed his printing factory will he close to my body. "Now you know love?" I gently ask "Vague, seems a little bit understand" from air didn't push me, his hands on my custom canvas prints' back!

I don't know what feeling in my heart, I intent to leave, but now hesitant, maybe I fall in love with the air! But that won't do… Thought for a moment, I again remind of the air just words, perhaps from the air didn't fall in love with me! I stepped away, he slowly toward the light! "What are you doing?" He failed and asks me! "I want to leave!" I laugh more boss ran! Until I opened the door of the channel, he didn't feel wrong! From Mr. Swift canvas UK came at me But my body has gradually disappeared, both hands quickly added that ball on the patch; I know that is the key! He can't touch me! Only looked at me disappear! "You don't go, small Zhan. Please don't go, there is not the earth, you don't go, don't ask how are you! Well, I love you, I love you!" He knelt down to me, can thus shed a little light, I touched his face, took the glow that make a canvas tears! Heart good pain! Maybe you can say it earlier! But I also can't let you say it.

I know this channel is not to the earth. I know you already know I am a human being! I know you just to comfort me! I also know that this is the cracks of space and time, I'll be torn in! But I can't fall in love with you, if I fall in love with you, you will be found, the laws of which abolished, rectangle photo canvas Prints into a pile of scrap metal… Also because I already fell in love with you, so can't let you, a bunch of no thought canvas from air.

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