Cuckoo on best photo canvas

Cuckoo on best photo canvas

Cuckoo on best photo canvas

Childhood memory, every year to June, just after grain in ear, canvas prints nz in Shaanxi plain, from east to west, a piece of golden field, the sky from time to time, there was "a yellow a cut" bird canvas from photos of its, the tension of longbow in Europe the summer harvest season is coming.

"Far too yellow, nearly is yellow, photo printing nz and the land grain gold wave, Rotarians lined, hand sickle busy." , "a yellow a cut, the wife had bound feet", "wheat Huang Go hang, embroidered bed", seasonal, cultivators both male and female, old and young, who also not idle, and unilateral households have work in the town home Showman, reading the students also put "busy leave" (summer vacation), flocking provincial "Make splashed by one on one" into, constitute the elegantly magnificent photo to canvas printing wheat visit numerous figure. 'Passage, roping, stacking, Nanchang, winnowing, bask in wheat, return to warehouse, sell corn, "the process of the field they should pass the old poem," behold, each all pain. "

Childhood experiences the cattle, and drives the Mara Nanchang, and drives the tractor Nanchang, called "yellow calculate cutting" heaven, cultivators dry the ground where the two print photos on canvas scenes. Legend in ancient times, there was a farmer in plain, wheat mature to others, the practice of a harvest, with the strong, prepared to then a cut out, but god does not help, a storm, causing him to crop failures, all the year round the farmer Jehu policy vomiting blood and die, after the death of the farmer to become "a yellow a cut" bird, full-time to remind the world, the wheat mature, a harvest.

"Yellow calculate cutting" is a kind of cuckoo, every summer wheat harvest season, hover sky bark, itself is a natural course of nature ecological balance, peasant with their good intentions, give good annotations, it is a good how to print photo on canvas. As childhood, grandma told me the magpies stories, curiosity is still stay in the heart for many years, legend has it had at last after lie die, don't wait lie show hide in farming oxen plough furrows, but more canvas print prices the magpies at bluffing, "Liu Xian in furrows, Liu Xian in furrows", so Liu Xian angry complaints, and let the magpies "volts, do not drink water, Yang don't back to the nest" as punishment, the legend defy verification, but the reality it is said that the phenomenon exists. "Calculate calculate cutting" hang bird sound, perhaps what is nature, is a conditioned reflex, summer a golden field, "a yellow a cut" digital prints on canvas calls more and more frequent, more and more acute, and the peasant household family are happy to weather forecast and semiconductors, listen to the song.

With the development of era, "calculate calculate cutting" hang also generate new canvas printed confusion. The past Showman world, at least ten days half a month, but to go today,; The peasant household family hand dry food, the whole family, push the cow pull; Electric cars, cars, mobile phones, harvester, one person in the field, a acres and a half hours to complete. I also confused, remember, when I was a child, I travel together, together with the house sister-in-law 2 acres of wheat harvest, when more than two days, too tired to waist sour leg pain.

The new rural construction in full swing, and urban and rural areas, skyscrapers "calculate calculate cutting" hang going in the wrong place. Sometimes, I'm in a tall building in the city, "occasionally has to get a yellow a cut 'images on canvas, the in the mind not think of villagers in the country, and from time to time be" freeze "and" screens ", "soy sauce vinegar" cries drowned out of the market.

"Yellow calculate cut" I don't know what changes have taken place in the world. Thirty years of development, there is no much difference between urban and rural areas, photographic prints on aluminum farm machines and tools using the great masterpiece canvas, harvester, rice transplanted, leer…? And so on. "A yellow a cut was unemployed, I worry about change" is yellow is cut "nature, the future cannot scream. But think again, this is not alarmist? Birds are the ability to adapt to nature than human, human, bird and naturally harmonious coexistence is the most beautiful music.

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