How to get the best party photo by use the cell phone

How to get the best party photo by use the cell phone

How to get the best party photo by use the cell phone

If you often go out with friends to play, it must inevitably take pictures to commemorate the stay, canvas print australia but so many people stand together, and no professional cameras, how to use the phone both shoot nice gesture, but looked very cozy meeting according to it?

Step 1: find a good light

"No light, no photos." When insufficient light, so it is looking for a variety of light source. Actually can also use the built-in flash of mobile phones, but the flash is difficult to control, canvas printing au also lose the color of the original image. So let's find a fixed light source, even the lamp will do.

The second step: find standard point of view

Foreground and background of Photos is important. Such as the food is full of the lower part of the picture, at the same time at the back of the background must be clean, so that characters in the middle will seem more have administrative levels feeling. In addition, in the food, the entire team becomes a delicious. If not find Angle, it is simple to find a clean background, lift the shaft, and went to take a step back and began to shoot.

Step 3: unified shape

If action is not the same, you at least look to maintain unity, so as to satisfy the pictures of everyone. If slogan doesn't work, then open the continuous shooting mode. If everyone is not an innovative talent, insurance point of posing as naive, so as not to mistake lead to bigger face deformation results.

Step 4: don't use zoom

Different from general camera, Smartphone is only one lens, zoom function is analog to digital signals, and zoom can lead to very blurry. Baboon’s suggestion is made according to, then according to the desired effect for clipping.

Step 5: late modification

When shooting for composition, color is not good friends, can download various late photography APP to "make up", photo on canvas make the pictures more vivid colors richer. (This article to the girls is the most useful). The above is the small make up share five tips to teach you to use mobile phone took pictures out of the best party, is said to be photographed specs will use these way, tried.

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