Make good use of line to get a different city photo

Make good use of line to get a different city photo

Make good use of line to get a different city photo

If you are still struggling with how to make their cities and architectural photography from mediocre, canvas prints nz underestimate the role of the frame line may be you can't make a major source of arresting people eyeball works. Line can help us to build up the image of logic, lead the viewers eye moves back and forth in different parts of the image, and even can create more fun for the subject and background.

Why is it important line for city photography? Normally, we like to use the depth of field to fuzzy background section, then let the viewer's line of sight on the most important part of the picture, add atmosphere to images at the same time, the city of photographer, however, canvas factory is rarely used this kind of shots. In the urban and architectural photography, we hope that all elements can be clearly visible in the picture. When we were filming a city scene, we need to use some multifarious and can enhance your stereo feeling of the technique to build the image. Among the more effective one way is to use the line images will be divided into several parts, will be the main elements separated from each other. In this way, even if the scenery no false or true, viewers can learn about the hope through photographs convey the internal logic. Magic, however, simply adjust the composition, and introduce some lines in the picture, the depth is presented in an instant from the page, and the symmetric composition of picture added more impact, thus thoroughly get rid of the dull and boring.

Which lines will help to add impact to picture? We can think of these lines is roughly divided into three categories: line, guide line and symmetry. Line will is the main purpose of the picture is divided into several parts, it can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Introducing such lines in the picture, in addition to being able to help clear images of objects outside the location of the relationship between each other, also can present the near-far effect. In a lot of outdoor photography, is one of the most commonly used to horizontal line.

After line, guide line is a stronger sense of important tools to give picture. They will be able to lead the line of sight of people into the frame, and explore every corner of the picture. Leading lines are usually from picture close area extends all the way to the distal part of the picture. Leading lines, of course, there are many, in the form of using and combining multiple guide line, images of the space logic can be displayed more clearly. Remember, is not necessarily linear guide line, we also curves can be used as a guide line.

And the third is often used as enhance your impulse lines is symmetric line, when we were about to search for interesting in urban, don't forget to try to find the building line of symmetry. Thankfully, we can easily find in most buildings the symmetry line.

In life even if a person is not the so-called men, but if he or she has a good figure that these people will still get the favour of many people. When shooting in the same way, if choose RAW format, we can easily through the late highlights the scenery line feeling, let people focus more on line. Here are the benefits of using RAW, it can maximum limit to record all information in the scene, including color information. After we entered the stage of post processing, therefore, can have more space to adjust, such as image processing into black and white color. However, if you are going to highlight the line feeling from the start, to help you in black and white pattern preview scenario can rule out the disturbance of colours. Here we can go further, most of the camera's internal processing and setting functions are very practical, you can be in early by changing the way the fuselage is set to increase image contrast and sharpness, then through continuous shooting and preview to find your satisfactory results.

When we need to take some like Elizabeth tower itself high buildings, the lines of the building itself can act as a guide line, it can lead the line of sight of people from the bottom all the way to see top building. In addition, wall art nz in order to make the picture background areas appear so not drab, and introduce more dynamic elements, below using a long exposure to film, further add lines to the sky. Don't be straight, never bend the horizon, of course, the other, especially the guide line is much more diverse. In the picture below, tram track is not straight line but a graceful curve, but it also has played a lead people line of sight near and extend to the center of the picture. Once you take initiative and the flexibility to use all kinds of lines in your picture, that no matter how complex scenes you can rise to the occasion.

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