The relationship between photography methods and ideas

The relationship between photography methods and ideas

The relationship between photography methods and ideas

Study method and train of thought of photography, canvas printing nz post opinions vary on the network, but due to the disadvantages of network sharing is that is too scattered, it is difficult to see there is a system of learning. Too much focus on technology or equipment, or too much focus on ideas. But these are two sides of a coin, balance, can go far. The following are my understanding of photography learning idea, hope can help to some friends. Of cause, it is my own opinion only.

Photography is a science, photo print nz system engineering, which is not a particularly strong, can fit all. Posts on the network is broken, loose, each article is most can only have one point of view, or two. Readers are easy Today saw an easily, or two, just think this idea makes sense, unsanitary environment. But often misguided understanding of learning photography biased cognitive generated later will more detours. Learning classification of photography, I personally put him into three broad categories

First, technical training

No.1 cognitive training, equipment application, namely the understanding of the equipment and skilled application, as far as possible to understand the advantages and disadvantages of equipment, under various conditions can come out about what style of colour and atmosphere is very important work. So, to spend less, play fun of photography, edify sentiment is can get. But want to play more professional, make more professional photos, also want to spend a lot of money, buying experience, connect equipment, will spend a lot of time and energy. Cannot always think of, the smallest cost and price, achievement the biggest business. A lot of friends and see a lot of hardcore veteran take pictures of the professional, get used to ask: master, what camera, master, what the camera. This problem is actually a pretty clueless. If equipment is good, you can take a good, good car, then, is a good man.

No.2 the composition structure space, it is a man of sense of space structure, the illusion, and the arrangement of lines there is a rational cognition, know what line and space can meet the demand of visual expression. Photography is photography in the west first, basic theories of logic is space, structure. One of the basic theories of western aesthetics is: structure. From human body structure, sculpture to planar space structure of fines arts, these all need to learn.

No.3 cognitive training, attention, cognitive and aesthetic training, self-awareness and positioning are associated. Later can adjust the color and atmosphere, and a personal character, heart, be fond of, to understand the world. Learn more about the world. And understanding of the world related to develop aesthetic observation. Even from the late style, you can tell a person's personality preferences.

Second, the aesthetic training

No.1 light influence cognitive training, including personal subjective in nature light effect on a variety of objects, people, animals, and plants on the light and color change of feelings and cognition. You have to know, the four seasons change, sunrise and sunset in the world, what is, and should know by heart, ability to use a light can quickly in various circumstances. Light, contains the light and shade, color, material function understanding. This brick, for example, for hundreds of years old bricks, so will be such a color, you change a red-brick now, try, surprise, this is the physical understanding of the world.

No.2 the color understanding and cognitive training, popular says, you must first have a heart and mind all sorts of colorific feelings and impressions, to see the different and change color. Color from the effects of light, here again and front light affects clearance. But everybody understands color is different, some people like to eyeball landscape, and it is dazzling, shock. Someone like relatively inside collect, soft tone. There is nothing wrong, every age has its own pursue and the understanding of the world. But I'll be on the Internet, often see a lot of people, on the basis of their favorite, to evaluate other people like, it is wise enough.

Third, cognitive perspective to explore

No.1 inner found suitable for self, this is very important to one style form, no one can manage the all equipment. Someone, like light and shade, some children of light and shade, people pursuit landscape preferences, someone to sketch to discover, these are the god-given nature, so everyone will have a special understanding and cognition to a field.

No.2 the external cognitive and understanding, a field, decided to you about the quality, in addition to technology, and at least half of the factors, is your understanding of the field and cognitive. You photograph buildings, for example, not to learn architecture, it is hard to make good. Portraits, don't you go to study the human body lines, structure, is also difficult to achieve. Do you like to shoot landscape, will run a lot of places, different cognitive conditions, light the change of scenery, to complete the accumulation of experience?

Photography is a system of learning and fun for a long time, art online nz as the human body, according to the views of TCM, should be regarded as a whole, each organ and correlation and effect, which are separate live. Before a lot of friends Free message said, let me more about color, actually in the system about photography color, cannot leave the effect of light, and comes to the world you, includes the understanding of cultural and cognitive.

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