How to take high-end portrait

How to take high-end portrait

How to take high-end portrait

When we talk about how to take portrait, we often think of countless lights and photographing method, these methods are hard to be systematically classified, but a good portrait will have some common features, cheap canvas prints such as clean background, prominent theme, vivid characters facial expressions (body language). Today, we will teach everyone a tip – how to get a good portrait photograph through the low-key photography,

What is low profile photography? Low profile is also called the dark color, canvas prints au is mainly refers to by the black ash and low brightness of color hue, as opposed to a high-profile should, is part of the composition of tone. And low profile portrait is using this feature, add a little too low brightness higher tonal contrast, so as to realize the portrait of unique style. Low profile portrait is not simply to reduce exposure, but by the main body of a large area of dark and normal exposure, the combination of skillfully by comparison with light and shadow to create atmosphere, make it more impact. This method is usually used for shaping a deeper image, to be able to add special for people's temperament, makes the picture more able to bear or endure look.

Method one: auxiliary light on both sides

Take pictures of the low profile more use light and backlight side, is used to abstract painting main body at the same time, create a dark and mysterious atmosphere. Low-key man to build a kind of deep, dark visual effect, so choose the appropriate background is a very important factor. Background material generally should choose good material suction light, such as black plush cloth, cotton cloth, no imitation cloth, coarse dark wall, etc.; Color is more blue, dark green, dark red, dark purple, black, brown, etc. This method not only guarantees the sufficient detail of one side toward the main source, the outline of the hair also displays properly, but also can make the model and the background.

Method 2: a single light source

This method only in the model placed on the left side of the light source, flash to turn off the lights to the reflector, using reflected light illuminates the model, the main light source and the reflector in one place, effect is more concentrated light, and therefore more easily formed in the model's face larger shadows.

When taking low profile portrait, you should choose a few harder light, with light box area is small, concentrated good lamps and lanterns, such as naked light, or in front of the light honeycomb, focusing barrel barrels or light, etc. Try to avoid using a rectangular, square or octagonal softbox, because of their relatively large light scattering, it is not suitable for low-performance, heavy, dark screen. The effect of this method is more intense than last, almost the backgrounds and characters together, less facial details, contrast is bigger. In contrast, character is also more profound. Portrait photography is one of the basic principles of the eye focus, this is especially important when a low profile photos were taken, because most of the pictures are shadow, only rely on the eyes as the picture's center of gravity, eyes but also decides the whole picture, so you must focus accurately.

Method 3: natural light

Besides artificial light, we can also use simple natural light, to sit by the window, the position of the window in the model of facial side ahead, to ensure that the facial contrast (doesn't make the other half face completely lost details). When shooting to adjust parameters, make the picture area to achieve the effect of similar owe exposure. Use of natural light to shoot the difficulty lies in the light source (Windows) position is fixed, and the light is divergent, so as to try a lot, find a model in the best position and posture, to grasp the picture the distribution is the key to realize low effect of light and shadow.

The late train of thought

Can be found in front of a few examples of the original image effect is not very low-key, because in addition to the shots, photos on canvas australia to complete a low-key, like work, later also is indispensable. Main idea is to strengthen the contrast, further down the dark, using a large area of dark to redundant elements, form an abstract background; Retain a small area of the bright color draws the outline of the main body, seize the visual center of gravity of the picture. Low profile portrait is a kind of shots and run ability of a test for the photographer, we in addition to master certain skills and methods, it should pay special attention to improve their own grasp of the light and color composition, accumulate experience, so as to shoot portrait!

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