How to get beautiful night scene photography

How to get beautiful night scene photography

How to get beautiful night scene photography

The rise of new construction and completion of each city's central business district will make the urban landscape of the new century, with different architectural illumination, a totally different from the day the night of the world will appear in front of city people. Climb building overlook is just a way of viewing shooting, most of the time it is too limited to look to the distance, and this time we bring a whole new image of view taken at night. This picture may through PS process are familiar, but to really taken out need a solid basis of photography and full of courage.

  1. wide Angle must be bigger

Special subject matter of the lens is often very demanding, overlooking the effect for making such 180 degrees, all think of a lot of photographer before shooting, as long as standing high enough to use a 35 mm or 50 mm lens can meet the demand of shooting, but when you stand in the upstairs looking down, not found medium lens. Then you need to use the wide Angle lens 16-35 mm or ultra wide Angle lens. So more tension, the effect of the lens out a sense of shock, perspective is wide may include more of the objects. A high sense of good quality SLR camera is also a prerequisite. To use my hands equipment is Canon EOS 5 d MARK III. Shooting time circle to the bigger the better, the f is the ideal setting. Iso setting for ISO1600-3200 or concrete numerical set according to the light sensitivity. In addition, in setting the camera's long exposure to high noise reduction function, so that it can be under high iso shooting through machine processing to get better film quality.

  1. the window will open 20 cm is enough

Shoot first need to choose floor in height, in order to get a better perspective, suggestion is approximately 40 layer location, specific layers according to the surrounding the flourishing degree and decide, if turn on the light has a very large area, suggests climb higher shoot down again. Will be confronted with a problem, a lot of people in the shooting is the window cannot open, this on many tall buildings have such design, in order to danger, 20 cm distance out of the window only foreign, but it is only 20 cm distance can be out of the window to let the SLR cameras. When shooting to push the window to the outside, will automatically get stuck, hands can directly to send the camera out of the window. Once out of the window, of course, be sure to take the camera around your hand, don't let the camera to fall. Push the window to the outside to the limit, the window will automatically place, then it can be left free, both hands hold the camera and taken out of the window.

  1. live view is the most important

When viewing the most important when shooting, can use live view on composition. After the adjustment switch to af mode, press the shutter to complete filming. Composition should follow symmetrical composition method, is well planned and are reflective glass. But somehow all try to look at, to choose the best composition. To shoot the night scenery of the city in which he lived, we should observe the scenery around, looking for some typical features of building, if you can consider more in high, pay attention to the weather and shooting time, familiar with equipment of ace. Open the live view of the camera can directly see the first environment, composition of a picture can't sit in too pay attention to keep the basic level, but must be clear on focus.

The late processing: simple color adjustment:

1, adjust the picture is horizontal

In the pictures will be imported into Light room simply adjustments, the first is in the heart of the monitor works changed to horizontal composition, pay attention to the center of the picture is symmetrical, need time to make the necessary cutting.

2, increase work color atmosphere

Strengthen the picture color saturation, brightness, brightness enhancement. Brighten the dark details and exposure… Brighten the dark parts of the details and visibility. It is important to note with automatic white balance after can adjust the blue color temperature in Light room.

3, simple curve to adjust light and shade

After adjust integral colour, might as well in the drop-down menu on the right side to adjust the whole picture curve, night work, the light and shade can be make further adjustments. So that you can avoid part highlights overexposed.

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