4 strokes to show the pure and flawless sense of winter

4 strokes to show the pure and flawless sense of winter

4 strokes to show the pure and flawless sense of winter

The characteristics of photography theme should be taken in winter snow and snow characters, and deciduous trees. If after shooting snow, snow is the best day, if they can catch up with the early morning light is better. In the sun, the side light and the negative side, the best performance of the snow and snow levels of bright and dark crystal texture. Mood is also full of change, even the vision, also can produce far-reaching atmosphere, if the use of the morning or evening sunshine shooting snow, the ground will be reflected by the high light, golden yellow with excellent results. First take the snow, often have a misconception, where snow where to shoot, where to white where to take on the snow. The actual need to find contrasting colors and textures are very different background.

Correct metering and correct exposure is shooting snowy images is the key to success. In a large area of snow, camera measured light metering system. According to the data display the shooting scene, generally insufficient exposure, even if it is cloudy, too. Therefore, should not be used directly automatic mode to shoot. Suggest using aperture priority mode and positive exposure compensation, discretionary increase 1 ~ 2 block exposure or take full manual mode. A large area of snow may influence focusing, it is recommended that use spot metering mode. The automatic state, the lens from the object photometry of intermediate tone of, then lock the focus and pan the camera shooting.

On a snowy day, to get a piece of fluttering snowflakes, the photograph, should choose clean background as a foil. Light from one side, the shutter speed should not be too fast, generally to 15 seconds to 1 / 60 seconds is appropriate, the flying snowflakes form a line, with snow falling movement. To take along snow lines, use a tripod and a second slow speed of the exposure. In shooting snow characters, we should pay attention not to let the snow too close to the camera, lest because of perspective let the snow block the people face.

The shooting scene also should make full use of the snow with branches, fences, buildings etc., enhance the expressiveness of snow, increase the depth of the screen space, strengthen the feelings of people in the snow. Snow white by most, in order to enrich the picture changes in tone, may wish to point into the darkened landscape, increase the photo the tone level. In winter outdoor shooting and the frost of flowers and trees, need to grab time. There is no sunlight, photos of the sun, easily dull; snow may soon melt. Put on the white dress dew of bamboo, or exposed to melt snow cave in a red flower, gives the unique experience, worth we went down. Shooting snow should accord to the size of the snow area, appropriately increased exposure.

Winter, leaves withered, bare crown, some chill, it seems that there is no sense of beauty. Lucky, you may found a strain of unique canopy, with blue sky and white clouds in the background, you can easily get a pieces of outstanding works. After the snow on the branches is graceful, northeast of the rime is rare to the theme of photography. In order to avoid the white snow reflects direct light lens, produce glare, the camera lens on the best equipped with hood. If not, when necessary, you can use simple object occlusion.

Pavement of snow in winter, under the vehicle's rolling, form a series of imprinting, is also a good subject. Wide roads make it has a wide extension of image. Mark of the vehicle at this time become a symbolic, symbolizing the distance or the life journey, with its unique visual language impact people's heart, the performance of a sense of helplessness in the journey time will never stop the passage of time and people.

Winter shoot to pay attention to the protection of the camera. Outdoors for thermal camera, the camera can be wrapped inside the cotton-padded clothes, don't make it warm. From the outside into the interior shots, do not rush to pull out the camera, must let the camera to adapt to the indoor temperature for a period of time. If the glass surface of the lens into a layer of fog, can not immediately photograph nor rub anything, can only wait for it to dry naturally.

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