How to treat photography

treat photography

How to treat photography

In an important photojournalism award held this year in Jiaxing Daily photographer Shen Zhicheng film 'Hero Zhongxiao be forced to do , canvas prints au deathbed father riding journey' won awards, according to the relevant provisions of the organizers sent the photo raw data files. But after some time, the organizers feedback: experts, Shen Zhicheng data provided is not original, but acknowledged that the data has not been modified.

In this regard, Jiaxing Daily picture director Zhang Yufei immediately to Shen z.c. queries. After investigation, Shen z.c. last year on December 13 in Tongxiang Wuzhen photographs, cheap canvas prints australia online using a Nikon D – 80 camera, the raw format. After investigation, Chen Zhicheng last December 13 when taking pictures in Wuzhen, Nikon D-80 camera in RAW format. Back to the newspaper press time, he did not copy originals directly using a dedicated Nikon image processing software to open the document, do the basic processing level, brightness, etc. (treatment are in line with the provisions of) later, the operation 'Save as' in press.

Wei Zhang Fei said: 'Although the entire dispatch process, Shen Zhicheng no false moves, photo on canvas but this method of operation on the original data records are left operated, so experts believe that is not the 'raw data' 'he He asked: 'rAW format is the recent launch of the new cameras have a raw data format to retain the true aims, some cameras were earlier no such function, only JPEG format is JPEG format camera can automatically make one. kinds of compression formats, that is, using the JPEG format camera photographs simply has no 'raw data' that said …… have qualified if eligible, 16 works are shot in raw format, they at press time the process used to 'copy' approach thus saving the original data, then naturally understandable, but if some of them photo provided only JPEG format data, how you can make photos in JPEG format obtained participating qualifications? Because files in JPEG format it's not a 'raw data'! '?

In the clarification of what is called 'raw data' academic research while Shen Zhicheng encounter grievance purpose, Wei Zhang Fei Bo opened association and issued a document, the industry hopes to discuss this serious 'technical issues, practical problems, theoretical issues ', quickly aroused lively discussion. ?

Luo Yonghong, director of the Beijing Times image that 'provide the raw data, and shall not make any changes' after a series of anti-counterfeiting, news photography competitions become a reference, it can be said to be red, not touch, practices organizer in this case the purpose of fraud and opposition news relative, victimizes may exist but also is helpless. …… Photographers must retain the personal satisfaction of the photo's original state. ?

People's Daily senior editor Xu Lin believes that the definition of 'raw data', can be explored. Before the birth of RAW format, JPEG format using a digital camera, all the data at the time of the photosensitive original photos taken on the TIFF format, are the raw data. ?

Signature 'Li Yu' netizens believe that the term refers to a raw uncooked food or too rough, unrefined and imperfect things; the original data in the digital camera (Raw) file, a Raw the meaning of the word almost. When the digital camera is set to the image are stored as JPEG or TIFF, the built-in camera raw data processor will provide image sensor are processed: possible adjustments to the color, hue and contrast according to the manufacturer developed image optimization rules. Also before the image that comes to equipment for processing, the camera may also perform other adjustments, such as adjusting the saturation and sharpness. Finally, if you use JPEG format, the file will be compressed (which means that some information will be discarded), and then written as eight files to the memory card. 'Save As' approach really not very scientific, but in 'raw data', he compared to JPEG images is even more primitive the user's picture

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