Learn food photography tips from studies of people in Instagram

food photography tips from studies of people in Instagram

Learn food photography tips from studies of people in Instagram

Now many people like to dine before the first shot is reproduced on a circle of friends, canvas prints australia although it is easy to press the shutter, but not everyone can go get a decent photo. With a cell phone, some people take out a mouth-watering dishes, while some people are in a position to dishes made into a dark unappetising food, so in the end the problem lies in where? How can we not seen food before tasting the best opportunity to capture a satisfactory picture it?

Friend might be interested to look at our summary, you do not need to spend money to upgrade photographic equipment, cheap canvas prints online just follow the Instagram of people learn to shoot food, he mastered the 9 Getting food photography tips will make your photos 'eye candy' Oh.

First, the natural light is the key to food
Plenty of natural light, photos on canvas even if no Changqiangduanbao, the phone is the same color can shoot very full and clear picture, as is the role of the sun, so bright screen come and natural, and better food showing the most primitive color.
Dining place dimly lit, you cannot sit near the window locations? You may wish to use a large aperture to take pictures, or ask a friend using a mobile phone to help replenish the light, though certainly not as good as natural light effect, but also help improve the picture, but one thing is the most taboo! That device is the built-in flash! Indeed brighten, but stiff pale light, but also completely broken the entire mood.

Second, identify the visual focus
If you want to highlight in a table of dishes in which one out, then you have to find a light most adequate position, the main character is placed at the light and then shoot, the light will gather people's attention naturally focused on here, if can do in front of the main character in the light, and other backgrounds, props, cooking in the rear, slightly blurred, it will make the picture more three-dimensional.

Third, beautiful tableware item is a plus
Tableware can be stated that a beautiful photograph of soul food, good-looking or not it is appropriate cutlery set off, then the entire picture of the texture will be affected, even ruined the dish Mimi's Wobble.

Eating out, although most of the dishes are not very characteristic, but a considerable portion of the store in terms of cutlery will choose the safest wild basic models, but if you prefer to cook at home, may wish to start with some specialty dishes spare.

Fourth, pay attention to the orientation of the light
One of the key with plenty of natural light to take stunning photos, but that is not to say that how under natural light conditions can be beat. If the light is peering against food irradiation, then the picture will be too bright, and layering will be weakened, so you can move about the position of the food, try the other direction out of the effect of light, in fact, create the backlight or sidelight the vision is great.

Fifth, the clever use of props do embellishment
In addition to tableware for food photography, it is also important props, napkins, tablecloths, put sauce containers, as well as the table plate, trays, plants, etc., even your computer, magazines, and your hands and legs, you can become rich in the visual, but also helps to create a mood.

Sixth, rich colors make the picture more full
No one likes Guadan boring photos, especially when shooting food, background, food, props, colors are almost no natural place to look rosy, it is recommended that you increase the screen a little more appropriate for the color, for example, If you want to shoot plate of steak, then the dish is best contrasting color ingredients to do the background, such as fresh green vegetables and so on, a little bit of contrast will make the whole picture alive, become more full.

Seven, choose the right angle
What angle shot past are feeling dissatisfied, try a little hard, shot from the top down, so that together with the table full of food into the mirror. Cutlery on the table, floral decorations, tablecloths, or even positive toward people dining cuisine 'talons' can make the picture look more ridiculous and mood, so that the viewer wants to come with a kind of impulse.

Eight amplification food attraction
Another great chef, made out of food does not necessarily three hundred sixty degrees without dead ends, one side of the chicken roast chicken may not seem plump and crisp, this may seem enough fresh sashimi, color a little dull, so before shooting, rotate the tray should first observe the side, take the most beautiful side to face the camera, otherwise it can not stir up the appetite.

Nine, try holding things
It can be said that in recent years a very popular photographic mode, it will be more a kind of 'presenting food' mood, do not need to purchase props, hands appearance is enough to fill blank. In addition, this approach is also particularly suitable for use in street shooting snack time, people on the road, you can not stop to put the disk, then in the near side of the net looking for the color of the wall, or as a background colorful wonderful street to take pictures good .

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