Snow Mountain Aerial thing about you should know

thing about you should know

Snow Mountain Aerial thing about you should know

In winter the mountains (extreme cold and windy environment) flight was very tricky, if there is error, may be damaged or even lost your UAV. But do not worry, canvas prints nz as long as you do here not forget to check out all the little details before the flight, most of the time nothing will happen. First make sure your IMU work properly calibrated compass and origin setting is completed. Flight from GPS is very reasonable, especially considering the UAV will fly in the open area, no tall buildings or any other things that would be harmful to the signal. So Wait until your drones collected CPS signal, and then take-off safely. Also flying in the cold weather there is one thing you need in order to give some time to warm up the UAV, as I understand it, IMU needs to reach a certain temperature to work properly.
A Peak
In Snow lay thick on the trail walked for about 40 minutes, I finally reached the pinnacle. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong, photo on canvas nz very difficult even just stood there, popularity is almost never possible. However, since I have been carrying such a heavy backpack to here, I decided to gamble. In addition, the snow around so much, I cannot help but think even Phantom fall, should not be a big problem. However, in windy conditions it is not permitted to maintain a constant drone how to take-off? Us always turn over, making it almost impossible to start the motor. The only thing I can think of would be to carefully (I am talking about very carefully) with his right hand holding the landing gear, at the same time, with his left hand to start the motor, and then slowly try to take-off, if the UAV to fall on hold it. I know this does not sound like what a great safety recommendations, but in this case, I believe that this is the only way to make it off the ground. Also, I forgot to mention, usually windy weather or if I UAV take off from a moving object, I'll start ATTI mode. Again, do this only to prevent rollover UAV. Once the UAV has been launched, you only need to re-open the GPS mode and do not forget to set the correct place.

Second, close to North Korea
Some say more tips on take off. I do not want to injured finger and is responsible for, so I explain a closer look at the whole process as well. The reason I hold it in UAV take off, metal prints to prevent because of strong winds and flipped. Nonetheless, you should understand that the propeller blades will seriously damage your hands, so it all must be very carefully carried out, the most important thing is you know your in there only to prevent UAV flip. If you flip, you can accurately stop this from happening, righting it, and then when it took off once, then let go. Incidentally, when do I wore thick gloves. If you do not wear gloves, I do not think is a great idea. Nevertheless, in fact it all depends on what you think to take this photo. I remember about six months ago I even UAV flying in the rain, I knew eventually I might want to buy a new UAV end, but that shoot worth it, so Icome on gamble. I love this picture of the shadow of those rugged mountains, it is in the area near the North Korean photographed. Facts have proved that I was flying so close to the border, lakes cover photo on the fact that separates the two countries. Locals said to me that many of the remote control equipment flight fly flying lake but never came back. So I reluctantly decided to leave the mountains closer to some of the relatively more secure.

Third, breathing mountain
This photo was given to the relatively low height. The wind was expected to be very cold, snow flying like smoke, so the mountain looks like a living breathing in general. Unexpected things, Phantom 3 easily withstand the wind, which I was very impressed. Make sure not to fly too fast, or UAV wing will appear on the screen. In strong winds even if you did not work, the wing will enter the picture. I use a screen size of 5.5 inches phone as a monitor, and therefore did not have much screen space let me see what happened, so that's why I like it fell from the center of the screen to hide all information to ensure every corner of the screen are not off the shadow of the wing or propeller. By the way, then touch the screen once, you will come back all the information.

Fourth, breathing Mountains (2)
As I already said, once you are able to successfully make it take-off, Phantom surprisingly stable in the wind, but is unreliable your phone or tablet. We arrived in the mountains around 6 am, when the temperature is -28 ℃. Slowly after sunrise, the air began to heat up, but still very cold. Imagine sunny, everything around me looks great, I'll take-off unmanned aerial vehicles, to some of the high places, take pictures, and then …… Then I phone off. I was about 700 meters from the Phantom of the origin, then obviously I cannot see the UAV. Fortunately, there is a 'home' button, otherwise the rest of the day I will be in the snow looking for UAV, which is flying in the cold can occur in the least joyful surprise on the remote control. So it is best not to forget, even in flight, I often place the phone jacket instead of the remote control, in order to ensure that it's warm. This is not easy, maybe there is some hope that a better solution, but fortunately I have flown in very frosty weather.

Fifth, with the film skiers
Then, I had a lot of fun to shoot. I was able to sit in a fiery car track, and my friend is using skis down the mountain. So my idea is an attempt to follow him all the way down the mountain. Let UAV accordance with your request, flip backward flight are very simple, and you can therefore take many many pictures, but you will lose, you guessed how I lost. So the question is tracked vehicle is not flexible, it is quite slow, and my friends in the ski very fast speed board. I keep track car in the 'origin', in case a problem occurs once I lost the signal, Phantom at least need to be able to fly back to our place opened, we can easily find. But I guess the UAV followed skiers fly very far, and I lost the signal for a long time, I began to worry, out of the tracked vehicle, ran forward reverse opposite, finally, after about 30 seconds I found no one machine has been previously set to fly back to the starting point. However, the question is, 'Failsafe' I height in order to prevent the crash and set up about 200 meters, so a signal is received, Phantom took the remaining 35% of the electricity in the air began to climb. Fortunately, my success on the screen to find myself, finally proud landed safely.

Six mobile snow
You can use the shadow shoot a lot of creative photos, such as the shadow of a tree.

Seven tourists Lake View
You can use the shadow shoot a lot of inventive photos, such as a human shadow.

Eight, day and night
Shadow can skillfully screen divided into two parts, and the best time to catch the shadow, of course, sunrise and sunset times.

Nine, Tianchi
This is what I said before the lake, I remember that it is called 'Tianchi.' I heard it in the summer pretty much.

Ten, snow stroll
In many cases, low angle may be able to adopt a better picture. Many people ask: 'Hey, this UAV can fly how high?', And I also know that always fly as high as possible after the shooting began when some of the first people to fly, so they always look like the Google pictures Earth screenshots. Sometimes, height of 5 meters, enough.

XI, purple mountains
Sunset, mountains who looks magnificent. I only shoot in DNG format, in order to see more dynamic range in post. I often use the zebra pattern (more than overexposure prompt) This view which parts of the screen to disappear. This function can be opened at DJI Go app shooting settings.

XII sunset
At sunset high angle photograph would be really outstanding. Interestingly only rely on the aircraft shortly before to take this picture, with the development of small UAVs, and now all of this is right on your fingertips.
XIII, after a long day
This is the first time downhill after we shoot a picture. Operation Phantom 3 in the Changbai Mountain is a very interesting experience, once again it turned out to be a reliable and stable Taiwan was incredible aerial equipment, but it also has a trump card that supports DNG format camera. In such a portable size, but it really is a very useful tool for the shooting. I almost forgot to mention the fact that all these photos I have used ND8 filter in bright light is almost a must.

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