How to take good food picture

take good food picture

How to take good food picture

In religion, cheap photo printing auckland after the opening of the statue sacred significance. Worshiped by the faithful, so that possessions has a special spiritual power. Huh ~? This is not with the time we want to eat now? Light meals through the phone open to being friends drool, just do not eat meat for free.

Food by the circle of friends of people want love, Wobble is the primary prerequisite. Depending on legend, Wobble plate is larger, canvas prints nz less food.
However, Wobble spicy it really simple?

In front of the high energy
Virgo people only see what is different this four photos

To shoot fine food photos, nz art online many details cannot be ignored. Take the picture of this work, the angle of the light, the protagonist lobster braised eel captured are ready, while supporting black beans, green vegetables also located, but the overall impression that anything less of the bowl.

Then talk about the protagonist lobster braised eel surface coated with a layer of sauce, creating a fresh taste, make a final modification, I think less of the rice on the eight o'clock position, and do some modifications after the lobster sauce, come one.

After pressing the shutter, check or think less of rice, this matter is stated on the four o'clock position is too dark. So once again added something more appropriate rice, feel more full after the completion of the.
When the pack was thinking tool, it rediscovered located five rice, a six o'clock position wrong angle. Therefore some adjustment after pressing the shutter angle, the overall effect of the higher satisfaction!
Wobble fine, in addition to the skill of a trained strong Virgo outside. Are (is) required to pay attention to what the details of it?

1, is not very good? Dish could be the culprit

Food is not that good as the United States. Suitable dishes just like nice clothes. If you picked the right, make your food gas (vi) quality (be) greatly enhanced! Whether circular tray, square tray, or oval dish, ceramic, glass or wood, the dish is to identify the manner of selection and artistic direction you put the disc.
No matter what choice, remember that: dishes to be big! For the main course, the wild white platter is the appropriateness of the choice, in order to create a broad space for artistic visual beauty.
As we dress with the same, simple stripes 'basic models' can be used at ease with.
Use a long plate Wobble can also be put on an elegant, refined feeling, the size of the plate should also be coordinated with the amount of food, not used small or large dinner plate, remember to leave appropriate space for food are 'breathing . '
Of course, some distinctive shape of the container will give extra points oh Wobble, though not high utilization rate may, if appropriate, to boldly start it.

Although some dishes cool design, nice color, but if it does not correspond to the temperament and the food itself, or do not rush the choice. Mix of textures and materials not only affect the appearance, also affects the taste of dishes.

2, poor appetite? Try using colors stimulate the taste
Color contrast, people appetizing
Opposition color and layering of various materials is an important one when Wobble! Green gives a fresh and cool feeling; red symbolizes passion and exciting feeling, can enhance the appetite; black represents sedate elegance. Overall a dish contains two kinds of neutral colors and bright colors of food 2-3 would be more compelling.

Regardless of the fact that the blue color can reduce appetite, but with the warm food is easy to form a strong color contrast, more vivid picture full, so shooting more attention to the angle, or blue dish can play a good effect.
Comparison is difficult to control, similar to a more coordinated
Try complete contrast color, you can try to unify colors, or similar shades of food and utensils put together neatly.

3, serious concave shape, is an attitude.

Concave shape of the first to choose the focus of good food, and this point is not necessarily to be the center of the dish, it may be a plurality of primary and secondary relationships dishes, try to take advantage of the size, color depth primary and secondary relationship with food placed.
Neat and refined, one less. Despite the fact that some dishes for a messy casual look better, but it is also in the wrong order, this time we can imitate the painting's composition method. Such as C-type composition, S-type composition is very widely used in painting, guide the audience attention, make an interesting link between the food.

The radiation composition is also very common, if you do do not feel stiff, can mimic the figure below, part of the radiation interception, centered composition farewell dull.

Another technique is the creation of height and make food look more three-dimensional and layered. Usually able to 'stack' the dish, you can safely choose this skill.

4, dotted with small, so simple that only icing on the cake

Green plants like magic props, just a little bit can be miraculous. Cook Chinese food, you can add a little onion and parsley. Parsley, lemon slices, fresh peas, roasted almonds, etc. can be used to decorate, in addition to the color looks comfortable, but also being taken into account the mix of flavors on.
When the food color in a single or close to, the embellishment can enrich the color.
A few slices of green embellishment can make the meat does not appear to be too tired.
Sauces decorative effect is also very polite, but also the need for technical Oh, pour the sauce when we must keep the plates must be clean, small hand flick on dirty!
You may like to add a little creativity, play your little universe it!

Want to make wholesome food? Wobble first learn how it wanted to make sound food? Wobble first learn how it

5, treat tables, good life

Of course, we cannot look entirely focused on the plate. Nice use of props on the desktop, you can also create a club dining atmosphere Oh! Heart-warming bowl of sugar white fungus, red dates, plus thick knitted scarves and hay, but also to make a dry winter, a bowl of warm syrup into the atrium brings happiness.
Do not background noise, the easiest tiling linen can be produced layering. If you have thoughts, get some plants and flowers, small objects, rich look at the screen, there will be spare.
Potted plants, flowers or dried flowers, high force grid magazine, nostalgic English-language newspaper is a great choice.
Certainly a lot of people see this, I wanted to Tucao A PAN, 'take a flower to eat so much trouble, the food is cold.' Yes ah, sometimes a meal for yourself is tantamount to spend a lot of energy a lot of time. To take a picture of their work the same way.

As Japanese culture considered each grain are inhabited by a god, before dinner to shout the phrase 'I want to start it' in order to Dongkuaizi, when life is to endure a slight sense of ritual.

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