15 photographic practice

photographic practice

15 photographic practice

Play photography depends on the weather? In fact, not at all, canvas prints au when did God condescended to go to capture the beautiful scenery and lighting, and then if bad weather forced to stay indoors, and they can be full of interesting photography. Fast conceals it below 15 exercises, when it is not put together, so you can also shoot indoors at home had a wonderful time!

Exercise 1: Capture the beauty of water droplets
You must have seen close-up of water droplets fall in the water, cheap canvas prints australia splashing liquid moment shape varies, including by force of falling water droplets, fall and other factors affect the density of the liquid in some drinks or mineral water ads, but always with people do not give the same visual experience. Water droplets in our everyday lives everywhere, the rain under the eaves, did not close the faucet, drying on racks not wring shirts, are water droplets will fall where. Find a container containing a liquid, and create water droplets dripping effect, try to pat see drops dripping water splashes it!

On the equipment, in addition to cameras, slipt photo canvas prints tripods and flash are also essential, stable tripod shooting, the flash is essential to achieving such an important player in high-speed photography. When shooting is best to adjust the flash mode to manual, and the output value is set to less than 1/16, in order to achieve high-speed coagulation effect, setting the shutter speed but not the most important. In addition, in order to ensure clarity setpoint subject, aperture also is not too large. If you want to make more delightful drops can be added to the resin or cornstarch and the like material, to increase the viscosity of the liquid, or added color pigments, etc., it is not the same to get more results.

Exercise Two: condensation submerged object picture
The same high-speed photography, in addition to purely droplet creation, it can also use other objects like fruits in the 'show' will be shot when they splashed into the water spray. Planning want to do this, you may need to remotely control the flash, because the flash must set up at the top of the container, and the container containing the liquid is preferably to be fully transparent and be prepared to do a clean palette background. Cameras tripod stand. Recommended Exposure, focus all manually, the aperture value is set at F8, the sensitivity to ISO200, select as high-speed shutter, with the effect of the flash to shoot.

Exercise Three: painting with smoke
Light painting photography, I believe we are very familiar with, but do not know whether you ever thought, in fact, can also be used to track smoke paint? To the photographer, the smoke is less controllable light compared to some of the more difficult to draw like a very light painting as 'complete' screen to, but if combined with Photoshop, the plurality of different poses of smoke rail synthesis were put together, then you will get a new result, your imagination it!

Exercise Four: find colored light polarizing microscope
This is not so much the kind of photography techniques, you might as well say it is more like one kind of light experiment, can through the polarizer and a polarizing film, was found to have a small transparent rainbow light usually appear difficult. Party follows the legend can be seen in the upper layer of polarizing light box, put on a transparent object, and then through the polarizer, will be able to see the rainbow.

Polarizer hands maybe we have, but if you are in the hands of only one, but not the other one polarizing film, it can also use the computer or mobile phone screen to do this test, because they themselves inside the structure with a polarizing film, as long as called out a white screen, can simple completion of the experiment. But this 'colored light' phenomenon can be what kind of photography does? I see how unstructured play at home play with Hello!

Exercise five: to build a mini-food world
Inside the station before and had to share a photographer works of French cuisine Lilliput, using the model to do the villain and food situation, it looks very funny, and creative ideas in fact, I could try to see, ask yourself whether hand some toy doll available, of course, if you have the budget, it is also possible to buy a small doll to shoot you, like a little doll Preiser there are many to choose from, it can be found on Taobao. The creation story focuses on context, whether to find resonance with real-life scenarios, test creator ability to think.

Exercise Six: Explore ingredients inner beauty
The photography theme at first glance reminiscent of the microscope in biology class picture, but it is undeniable fact, the ingredients are exposed to in everyday life there are 'inherent' like an onion, lemon, orange, exotic fruits, their cross-section has a different characteristic lines, they are sliced ??On a light box composition, you can 'depict' a different geometric effects. When shooting directly above proposal directly from shooting to shoot sharp, clear picture, we recommend that the aperture value set to F8.0 to ensure depth of field depth, add one to three exposure compensation, so that the screen a bit too exposed, to create a translucent Effect.

Food Photography Tips Reference

Exercise Seven: ice flower
Flowers and shoot natural state is not uncommon, if you want to try some new techniques, may wish to refer to Japanese photographer Kenji Shibata (Kenji Shibata) in the works Locked in the Ether, the flowers were frozen up photography, to shoot unique artistic effect pattern.
Making 'ice flowers', it is best to use distilled water as medium, because the water purer, made out of ice transparency will be higher. The production process, if it will take one breath thrown into the water sent to freezing, may be more difficult to guarantee full flower frozen in ice, to find ways to do this in addition to fixing the flowers outside, it can also be 'frozen layered' approach production, first make a thin layer of ice, put up after the flowers, add some more water, so spend immersed in water, but it will not float up, a second freezer, let the flowers fixed. After removing the third Cadogan freezing point of water sent, you can make a complete flower ice. When shooting, you can ice on white plate or sink and let the other side off-camera flash light can rebound from the bottom of the fill light, the camera flash from place to shoot.

Exercise Eight: lens abstract painting
Speaking of oil floating on the water, with the brain in mind it might be 'the soup is too much oil unhealthy' or 'river is so dirty,' and other more negative impression, not knowing that water and oil can also be used in the original photographic art in. Get a transparent vessel, in which a water, a few drops of oil, so that the surface showing a visual effect 'oily', and try to let this stand in the water basin 25 cm from the desktop over the place, and then look for a previous colored paper on its next desktop, so that water can be revealed in many different colors. When shooting, you can use flash or lamp to illuminate the full light colored paper.

Exercise Nine: oil painting reflection
This approach is somewhat similar to the previous one, as is the use of surface water with the pattern of special effects to create, but the former is the main use of refraction, which is the use of the principle of light reflection in water surface. Use cardboard, colored cellophane and duct tape, you want to design a work appearing in theme pattern filters, after the completion of this layer 'filters' before the lamp fixed, but be careful not to make contact with the bulb to the filter, followed by that pot of water on the headlights, you can start shooting. Note that, when there is no shooting, it is best to turn off the lights, the lights continued to shine taken to prevent overheating, resulting in cellophane to melt.

Exercise Ten: water glass of illusion
If they think that some of the above games are played too much trouble, then this may make you feel easier, purely using the principle of light refraction to simple creation, as long as the use of several transparent containers, water and a geometric pattern backplane, can play a different visual effects. In addition to the equipment industry, as the camera you may need to flash and tripod. In different glasses, the injection of high and low water level in the glass liner after geometrics, because of refraction through various media, the emergence of discrete deformation effects, like phantom ships.

Exercise XI: Life Pieces Cuisine
Careful observation of their own in the kitchen or dining room, presumably also there are many worth mining theme, after all, people cannot live without eating, but can not do without life photography. It will likely feel the kitchen is always a mess, unlike some lifestyle magazines as beautiful restaurant, then the use of close-up shooting the way, perhaps a good choice. After all, food, utensils, etc., are often also rich in colors and features to lead them to record bits of food, after all, a simple and fun photographic exercises.

Exercise-two: spot comedy series
If the family has a number of festivals such as Christmas time will be used to decorate some miniature decorative lights, you can take it with a number of suitable still life or portrait to shoot. Looking for a clean and not very bright background, and lighting placed outside the proper distance from the subject farther, using a large aperture shallow depth of field practices, so that the light behind the subject beyond the scope and depth of field blur, to produce a beautiful spot light, showing fantastic atmosphere.

Exercise Thirteen: aluminum foil before Dream Bokeh
Dreamy spot you want to shoot, but they cannot find a suitable home lighting how to do? If the home kitchen can be found in aluminum foil, but also to achieve a similar shooting. Prepare a sheet of aluminum foil, then crumpled it and then enjoy the flat, spread on a wall or cardboard as a background. In the background at a distance from the front put the subject you want to shoot still life, lamp or flashlight irradiated aluminum foil background, and after the camera tripod, large aperture value is adjusted, if necessary, can be used as a flash or otherwise be subject fill light.

Photography DIY 2: a fool to get in the little light Bokeh

Exercise fourteen: Light Painting Still Life Photography Department
For light painting photography, it should not be unfamiliar, inside the station before and share a lot of use of pastel painting technique shoot photography, and this is as long as flashlights, photographic techniques will be able to practice at home. Relative to the absolute use of 'light' painting, still life as a subject, a method of manufacturing optical effects would be better to get started. On the equipment ready, in addition to a flashlight and your subject, the supports B shutter camera, tripod and cable release is essential, sensitivity can be set when shooting at ISO 80 or ISO 100, shutter control use long exposure and during exposure to light sources such as flashlights can draw a picture of the effect desired. If so, you may also use colored cellophane to change the color of the lamp to increase the visual creation.

Exercise five: light painting
He mentioned a better entry for Gerber creative approach, if you feel that they have been able to grasp the effects of light painted still life photography, then you can look to a fully advanced with a 'light' painting. In addition to the hand 'draw' outside, here also introduces an interesting play, the flashlight can be tied with a rope, in a relatively wide space with a rope thrown to see the way the exposure light painting effect, get a bit like a child with a Spirograph pattern drawn law, distinctive.

Nonetheless, be careful when shooting, shooting ensure a spacious space to avoid hitting other objects, especially the camera. Camera tripod, turn off the lights before, first to align the AF flashlight, and then adjust to manual focus for lock focus, and aperture value will be set in F11 or F16, in order to ensure that the small aperture depth of field depth of the screen. After setup, the matching remote shutter to control the exposure time, and light painting.

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