Shoot moving sunset 7 Tips

moving sunset 7 Tips

Shoot moving sunset 7 Tips

Sunset Shooting has been a favorite shooting each photographer theme, new zealand canvas photography students for beginners, it is very important to learn skills, to master the method by shooting the sunset, you can exposure, tripods, filters, and so have a better understanding 7, It will be more handy when shooting other subjects! Here are seven tips to shoot moving sunset. Together to learn it!

(A) to understand the environment of the scene
In fact, in many parts of the sunset to be shot, photo print nz but it is best to avoid the crowd or busy street; there are numerous resources on the Internet to share a good place to shoot the sunset, you can also pre-reference. When you choose a goal of filming, the best is to be able to arrive at the scene a little earlier, to inspect my environment to see if it is the best position to shoot at an angle, and if there is a popular location, also arriving earlier convenient location for a better shot.

There may be a place with a number of positions that can be taken, panaroma photo on aluminum metal prints may be prepared in advance of the route and time to move, because the best sunset shot not long Ruoguo or shooting equipment is not familiar with the students, it is strongly recommended that the first fixed in the same position, you can gain time to shoot.

(B) aperture, shutter, ISO setting
To make beautiful sunsets, general can use Aperture Priority (A / Av-Mode) with exposure compensation (+ / EV) or directly using the manual mode (M-Mode) to shoot, the general set as follows:

Aperture: f / 8-16
ISO: 50-200 (lowest camera)
Shutter: Press the light of changes in the sunset time
If you are using Aperture Priority, Shutter setting the aperture will automatically adjust, take a photo, Ruoguo overexposed sky without color, use the exposure compensation button to Save EV, to make the sky reply levels;
If you are using the manual mode, take a photo. Please adjust the shutter speed to ensure sky with appropriate exposure (not overexposed): The sky is too light will speed up the shutter, on the contrary shows shutter.

(C) change the white balance to bring out different feelings
White balance (WB, White Balance) when shooting sunrise and sunset is useful, do not always use the automatic white balance, by manually setting WB, you can enhance rendering sunset twilight, to be captured at sunset Magic Hour to be in turn, bring out the quiet atmosphere of the evening!

Set the white balance for shooting
> 7000K warm sunset photo
5000K close to the scene of sunrise and sunset colors
<4000K photo cold sunrise, Magic Hour
Sunrise and sunset are very similar. So exactly how to distinguish it? I personally think that the late sunrise sky will fade to blue sky and sunrise are also more positive feeling, so you can make a photo too little less cold tone; on the contrary should sunset with warm feeling, warm tone more appropriate.

(Iv) plus the change in the composition sunset
Do not shoot the sun only when shooting the sunset, we can be a little change:

Select the foreground: boat at sea can be, or some hills, and other shore as a foil;
Use things around dusk shooting light, for example, shells, grass, and even the portraits and the like;
Wide-angle you can shoot wide environment, but the sun will be smaller; telephoto lens to compress the distance, shoot big sun;

(E) full use of your equipment and filters
Shooting sunset suggest that students prepare the following equipment:

Tripod: While still in the early pictures of the sun when the shutter was soon violently, but the sun disappears quickly, the shutter will be slower and slower, the best pre-configured tripod;
Gray gradient filter (GND): When shooting sunset sunrise gray gradient filter is useful, you can balance the sky with light poor ground, so the ground does not become a black one, a detailed look at this teaching: shoot beautiful scenery photos of the magic – Fader ND filter
Shutter: with the tripod as a pre-installed cable release lets you shoot more smoothly
(Vi) Wait
The best time to shoot the sunset when the sun is near the horizon of time, this time to reduce the difference, but also warm and light, it is suitable for shooting the sunset, so all students should be patient, not too early to start shooting.

(Vii) Do not stop shooting prematurely
Sunset is the best place to shoot simultaneously shoot sunset Magic Hour instead of getting up early (sunrise). So do not stop shooting too early ah! Shooting style teaching Magic Hour: Simple shoots beautiful views! Sunset shooting skills base

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