how to control portrait photography light

portrait photography light

how to control portrait photography light

If you ask a professional portrait photographer, canvas prints what is the most important thing skill portrait photography? It will tell you use must be light! 10 today to introduce laws on personal image photography light control. It may seem complicated, but if you already have their own Basic, you can deepen your 'soft and hard light of choice,' the effect 'of the position of the light source,' 'light intensity', 'color temperature' of the four elements of and behind principle of understanding.

A light source more widely, cheap canvas prints australia more gentle light, and vice versa
Broad light source can soften shadows and reduce contrast and soften the texture of the subject, the narrower the opposite light. When the light source is the principle behind the more widely, the more the direction of the light incident on the diffusion of the object, it will make the whole scene brighter and decrease the intensity of the shadow.

Tip: make good use of natural light, square canvas prints can be arranged in a portrait subject from direct sunlight, big and bright window beside window can play a soft box effect, you do not need studio lights can get a soft g effect.

Second, the closer the light source, the light is more gentle, and vice versa
The principle is that when the closer the light source away from the subject of the subject, the source of the light, the greater the dispersion; when the light source farther away from the subject, the narrower the bright source is relatively smaller. In the sun, for example, the diameter of the sun is 109 times that of Earth, this should be a very wide light. But the Sun 93 million kilometers from Earth, only a small part of our sky, so when sunny sunlight on an object, the light will be very hard.

Tip: If the lights in the room with a studio shoot, you can change the light source and the distance between the subject to control the softness of light.

Third, make light diffusers become wider, softer
Cloud as an example, the principle is that when clouds block the sun, the shadow of the illuminated objects will become less noticeable. And when the clouds and then a little thick, even the shadows will disappear. Clouds and fog will make the bright emission dispersion to spread around. When clouds and fog, the light source will become very broad and not concentrated, water vapor in the sky like a giant soft box, will soften the sun.

Tip: translucent white plastic or fiber of materials can be used to soften the glare. You can add artificial light diffuser before as studio lights; if in bright sunlight, you can also use the Soft Light Tent soft box or to soften the light.

Fourth, the reflected light to soften
If a beam of light emitted in a very narrow a large, reflective surface is not strong (for example, a frosted glass surface, such as a wall, the plastic reflectors) when the light in the process of reflection, will be distributed to occur the broader area. However, if the use of some of the higher reflectivity, such as paper or aluminum mirror, then, after the light is reflected, still very concentrated, cannot play a role in softening.

Tip: If you aluminum paper (in the supermarket to buy the kind of furnace feed h) crumpled, will expand outwardly smooth, wrapped in a piece of cardboard, you can get a unique reflector plate! This homemade reflectors can increase the shiny spot on the subject.

Fifth, the farther the light source, the body is also darker, and vice versa
This is common practice sense, right?  the light will decay rapidly away from the light source. And if the light is refracted, which will increase the travel distance, the reflected luminosity will be as good as honest as strong. If the light source very close to the subject will be brighter.

Tip: In the days of poor weather, when shooting portraits outdoors, use a flash, so that people can eliminate the shadow of the face, it will have no impact on the value of the background exposure. Because the light emitted by the flash failed to affect the solid background brightness.

Sixth, the use of the intensity of light, making the body more prominent
If your subject distance light near the subject and the background between strong and weak luminosity will be more obvious; if the lights farther away from the subject, the background will be a corresponding brighten your subject would not be so impressive.
Tip: If the front of your subject light incident from the window and let your subject near the window, the background will be dark. If you want a brighter interior background, it should let the body away from windows, close to the background.

Seven side light can strengthen the subject Textures
Portrait photographers will usually be positive light toward the subject's face, so that the subject's wrinkles would not be so impressive. Landscape photographers prefer to strengthen the side light rock, sand and leaf texture. In general, the oblique angle of the light direction and the subject between the larger body of texture more obvious.

Tip: If you want to take out your pet furry fur, it is best to light from the side knocked out, so better than the use of positive light, can make far more obvious.

Eight, shadows can make the subject more three-dimensional
Shadow is a photographer to make the subject more three-dimensional photo on the plane. Side light, back light and other top light rays can be projected on the object of deep shadow. Thereby producing a three-dimensional sense. Still, commercial and landscape photographers prefer to use different angles of light to create a unique atmosphere and effect.

10 Rule portrait photography light control
Tip: You can attempt to use the 'butterfly light' to shoot full dramatic portraits! The method is the principal light is placed directly above the body a little bit slightly offset position, and then adjust the angle of the light, so that the shadow falls on the nose position among the people under the slant.

Nine, the backlight can be used as soft light source
Few subjects alone backlit illuminated. If a man standing before bright windows, walls will reflect some of the light of his face upon him. If a person at home, even if the background is bright sunlight, there will be a progressive light shines from the sky. You can use the reflector. The backlight is reflected back to the subject matter of the body to increase its exposure.

10 Rule portrait photography light control
Tip: The backlight of the sun is a good source, outdoors can use this feature to create a sense of lighthearted pictures, but pay attention to the body easily due to exposure.

Ten, there is light color
Although sometimes come to see the light as 'colorless, ' we call it the light color temperature. Only our eyes and brain will automatically adjust and sensors, are therefore difficult to detect. However, digital cameras and film recording will be we do not see color.
Morning and evening sun with warm colors, shadows cast by the sun at noon is very blue. For a digital camera, you can use the white balance function to eliminate or emphasize the color of the light. For example, increasing the scenery or portraits in cheerful colors.

Tip: sunny photo shoot, especially very shaded blue, and then set the camera's white balance to cloudy to increase gold in the photo, is equal in front of the camera plus a warm filter.

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