Remember these few ways to successfully plan a portrait shoot

Remember these few ways to successfully plan a portrait shoot

First, share some photos with you. If you like to take one word to describe the common features of these five photos, printed canvas what words do you use? Beautiful? Soft? Still is?

My answer is 'harmony. '
The first picture of this girl, canvas prints online australia wearing some clothes in a home environment, her expression is also like a breeze with his friends when showing a smile.

The second picture girl is wearing cool clothes, sitting in a courtyard, as if in summer.

The third picture is obviously different, wearing and the environment are not very conventional, but have in common, have a very classical and radiant color. Girls fall asleep movements. Slender legs are also fantastic, the character's posture and the whole scene is also very harmonious.

The fourth picture, the sun is very intense summer, the girl wearing a straw hat like a swimsuit dress, the sun sprinkled on her face, the face of a red flutter has a very cheerful smile in the summer.

The last picture is an elegant silhouette, the girl in a kimono holding a fan carrying a small bag, walking in an elegant street. Her walking posture is also very stylish, slightly confined demeanor and her dress is very harmonious identity.


In the shooting of these portraits, my everyday lens is fixed focus 35L, 50L and 85L. These focal lengths, which I call 'intimate focal lengths, ' are very close to the naked eye, and readers will find themselves immersed and empathic. At the same time when shooting, you will lie at a distance from the subject, but not too far away from telephoto. So you can still easily communicate and communicate with each other, so that the atmosphere of the film has always been relaxed and pleasing.
The theme of these five groups of pictures varies, but no matter which group of characters are full, and are in the environment complement each other. People look at the photos feel real and cordial.
Keywords: harmony
What is harmony?
Whether it is planning or shooting a portrait photo, the key word is harmony. You want your readers to feel your photos are pure and harmonious. Harmony here does not mean to say that we must be simple environment. For example, big canvas in a marvelous big forest, the figure's identity should also be matched with this fantastic scene. You can also be a simple home, then your character dress up action also has contact with this scene.

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